Work With Penny

Work With Penny

Before you ever make a  commitment to working with someone…


  • it’s important to get to know them & appreciate what they can offer you with regard to Leadership and Training;
  • feel like you resonate with them and enjoy interaction and coaching time; 
  •  trust that they will do all they can to assist you in growing YOUR business; 
  •  be honest with you about the difficulties that you may encounter!

Here’s How I Can Help You Grow Your Network Marketing Business…

but you need to get to know me first.

  1. A mini-intro about me (if we’re going to become great friends, you should know a little about me).
Work With Penny

 2.  I can help you find your purpose, transformational value and use Social Media Marketing as a vehicle for you to impact the lives of others, grow your business and enjoy life along the way!

  • I have been a Social Media Student & Coach for the better part of 2 years and I can guide you with regard to which paths will take you to your goals are which ones are dead ends.
  • The Training Platform that I will introduce you to is second to none, with leading edge Performance Coaching and Lead Generation & Marketing Strategies that are Working NOW!
  • The Online Industry can be  Confusing & Overwhelming when you are a new-comer, my history and experience can save you from endless hour wasted and loads of money spent on trainings and products that you do not require.
  • I am a people person, lover of life, delight in human interaction and  have built my brand through developing relationships of trust FIRST… and I love to work with others toward a common goal.  I am committed to helping in any way that I can to get you into action and reaching the success that you desire.
  • I have created products that  can teach you easy to implement techniques and a simple system that creates leads on-line, builds a trusting relationship quickly, and then easily converts them into raving fans who want to do business with you.

3.  Most Importantly, it is my greatest desire and reward to help YOU become the leader and business builder that you KNOW that you can be…

but you just need a little help to get there!!

Let’s Touch Base & Talk About What Your Goals & Desires Are 

&  What the Best Plan of Action is To Achieve Them!

If you have ever asked yourself these questions…

  • I want to take control of my financial future.
  • I don’t feel I’m being paid what I’m worth.
  • I am a highly motivated, positive person.
  • I’m tired of working to make other people wealthy.
  • I have huge dreams for my future & huge goals.

 Don’t Wait Another Minute!
Step into the life that you design, begin to live on your terms and create the memories you have always dreamt of!
Work With Penny

Making Memories with MY Family!


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Work With Penny