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Don’t Fail In Network Marketing! Get Real!

While visiting my friend Richard Petrillo’s Blog the other day and came across a refreshingly honest and I believe on point article on the top ten reasons why you will fail in Network Marketing. 

Richard and I had just recently discussed the reasons why so many Network Marketers get off track and eventually succumb to their original life path; working for the MAN and the 9-5 hamster wheel.

I have been visiting Richard’s blog for almost a full year now because he is an expert at laying things out in a very easy to follow manner and providing leading edge content that always keeps me in the forefront of what’s going on with regard to all things “Internet Marketing”.

Richard Petrillo

I am very thankful to Richard for countless articles with absolutely crucial information that have made my Internet and Network Marketing life so much simpler.

So, after we spoke I decided once again to scroll through his posts, searching for a nugget that I may have missed and found an Article that was absolutely on point, real and so very truthful to it’s core that I had to share it with you here . . .  with his permission of course!

Let’s Get REAL!!!!

I read endless articles, posts and tweet related to and linking to information on how to succeed in your Network Marketing Business, but isn’t the best strategy to work backwards in this industry!  What I mean is, when you are setting goals isn’t the best thing to do envision where you want to end up and then set about a plan to get there?

I think the same is true with regard to Daily Rituals, Strategies and following a simple plan to get results and being very postive, focused, motivated and committed are crucial characteristics of a success Netwrk Marketer and business person.

But . . . wouldn’t it also be nice to know the REAL reasons that we as Entrpreneurs fail in Network Marketing, so that when we begin to slide down that slippery slope we will recognize the signs and take no time to grab our own boot strapts and pull ourselves out! 

I truly recognised bits of myself in each and every one of these Reasons!  So even when you might think you got this Network Marketing thang totally figured out, just becareful that it doesn’t come back out of the blue to bite you in the you know what!!

These Ten REAL Reasons that you will fail in Network Marketing are true of all of us at some point in our careers and I believe  that if we become awareof these reasons and our own personal issues before it goes that far, we can jump in to save ourselves before it’s too late and alas we are back on that wheel.

So, here they are the Ten Real Reasons You Will Fail in Network Marketing!  I’m not going to share them all or expand on them in too much detail because I want you to visit Richard’s Site to Get The FULL DETAILS!

fail in network marketing

#10  Reason You Will Fail In Network Marketing!

You Don’t Have The Right Attitude For The Business!

Most people don’t have the positive long term attitude it takes to succeed in this business, they don’t take it seriously enough because in most cases their financial investment has been fairly low!

#9. Reason You Will Fail In Network Marketing!

You Will Pre-Judge Everyone!

The first lesson to learn in Network Marketing is… It’s not up to you to decide if your business opportunity is right for someone else. Do not decide for someone whether they will be interested or not; you could be throwing away the chances of signing up your next Top Performer. CALL EVERYONE!! They can decide for themselves if they are interested or not.

#8 Reason You Will Fail In Network Marketing!

You Believe You Already Know How To Do The Business – Just because you have had success in something else.

I was a successful Realtor for over 16 years, that doesn’t mean I am a natural and resistant to Fail in Network Marketing.  Business People need to retrained because “Sales” &  Network Marketing couldn’t be more opposite. (although they don’t think so)

#7 Reason You Will Fail In Network Marketing!

You Won’t Adjust Your Mindset and Make it A Priority!

Adjusting your mindset from the corporate world of 9 to 5, never having to take home your work, having the weekends off is completely different than owning your own business  a priority!

#6 Reason You Will Fail In Network Marketing!

You Won’t Stay Consistent – You’ll Treat This Business Like A Hobby!

Do a Little, Earn a Little – Do a Lot, Earn a Lot! You cannot treat Network Marketing like a hobby.

You can do it Slow and Hard or Fast and Much Easier! But … you must work at it.  Ask yourself at the end of each day, “Would I hire ME?”

Which leads us straight into the #5 reason you will fail in Network Marketing!

#5 You Let the Emotional Roller-Coaster Take Over and Abandon Ship Too Easily!

Ah the Emotional Roller-Coaster! One day you’re flying high because you just brought in a new Rep or landed a new customer, and the next day it seems like you can’t give your product away.  People look at you like you’re from Mars because you are doing a Network Marketing business. Oh you mean a “Pyramid Scheme”, you hear again for the umpteenth time.

#4 Reason You Will Fail In Network Marketing!

You DO NOT and CANNOT Accept Rejection!

If you have a hard time with the word N.O. this may not be the business for you! Some people won’t even pick up the phone to share their business for the “FEAR OF REJECTION”  This is a numbers game, plain and simple. You will have to go through 20 or 30 NO’s to get a YES!

#3 Reason You Will Fail In Network Marketing!


These Last 3 are DOOZIES!  But to find out what they are, you’ll have to visit Richard’s Blog!  Click Here for the Gut Wrenching Truth to and the Top 3 Reasons WHY You Will Fail in Network Marketing!

fail in network marketing

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  • Alex on May 19, 2012

    Oh how I relate to #5. The highs and lows of this business are not for the faint hearted : )

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Penny Turko on May 22, 2012

      Hey Alex!!! Thanx for stopping by for a visit. I agree with you, that is why it is so important to surround ourselves with people of like-mind and a supportive Team. Remember! Never ever let the nay sayers bash our dreams!! Cheers! Penny :)

  • Deborah Peters on May 29, 2012

    Great Post Penny, found ya through Richard’s. :) You’re so right, it’s pretty black & white!

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