The Numis Network Global Recession Hedge

How Can You Take Advantage of the Numis Network Global Recession Hedge?

Firstly, you may want to know –  Numis Network

“What is Numis Network and how can I use it as a Global Recession Hedge.”

 Why Numis Network?  Not only are many of the Top Network Marketing Earners and Recruiters members of this Leading edge company, (like David Wood, Ray Higdon, Rob Fore and Jordan Schultz),but the 3 founding partners; Chris Kent, Ian Cordell and Jake Kevorkian have impeccable business histories with over 60 years combined experience in the Network Marketing and Internet Software Industry . This leading edge company was new to the Global Market in 2009 and has been growing like gang busters ever since!! Numis Network has just expanded its American and Canadian borders to include the UK on November 1, 2011. This unique, one of a kind MLM company offers the opportunity to sell and acquire high-end MS70 Collectible Numismatic Gold and SIlver coins. 

I had been torturing myself with the decision to get involved in the Numis Network for months before I finally made the decision to jump in with both feet. I realized that the CREAM OF THE CROP LEADERS have all stayed with this company! This is a one of a kind company!  There is nothing else like this available in the world. The Leadership is absolutely ONE OF A KIND and that is one of the MAJOR reasons I joined!

With Global Economic downturn, financial investments of all kinds losing their value; people are turning to the only investment that they know has actually held its value through the Global Recessions throughout the world’s Financial history; Silver and Gold.  These collectible coins are rated on the Sheldon Scale and are the highest quality government approved coins available to the market place.

 Numis Network is capitalizing on 3 Major Trends in the Marketplace.numis network

  1. Today more people than ever are looking for better ways to make money
  2. Social and Professional Networking which is part of everyday life for almost everyone
  3. The DEMAND for Silver and Gold – It’s EXPLODING!!

With the global market presently topping $100 Billion, our exquisite products are
experiencing unprecedented worldwide demand.


The Numis Network is a Global Recession Hedge!

 As the value of our Global Currencies drop again and again, it is historically proven that GOLD and SILVER have always held their value better than the comparable almighty dollar!! Don’t You Want to Learn How to Survive the Recession with Online Business? THE NUMIS NETWORK BUSINESS THAT IS!

Why are these precious metals being seen in the news so much more now than ever before?  The main reason is the purchasing power of SIlver and Gold compared to the US Dollar.

Here is the analogy that I absolutely LOVE!!

numis network

IN 1966 Ford Mustang

2500 Silver Dollars


2500 Paper Dollars

Today 2500 Paper Dollars=Down Payment


2500 Silver Dollars Can Buy 3 Mustangs with Thousands Left Over

Creating the Lifestyle of Your Dreams While Being Positioned In Front of a Massive Global Trend…

And at the same time accumulate a large collection of
the World’s most valuable and desirable silver & gold assets.

  • Backed by a 5 Year 100% Buy Back Guarantee
  • Best of all, you can get them *FREE*!numis network

Numis Network, Top Earner, Ray Higdon Provides Prospecting Tips Below On Sharing Numis with Others To Grow Your Business!


numis network

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