By Penny Turko

Faith In Action – The Key To Discovering Your Life Passion

Have You Put Your Faith in Action Today?

We can all say that we have Faith . . .  Faith in Ourselves, Faith in our GOD, Faith in our Business, Faith in our Families and Spouses and Faith that everything will turn out just fine.

But, do we actually put our Faith in Action? Did you know that there are really 3 Steps in using our Faith to Create Transformational Value and until we get these 3 Steps right, Faith is only just a Word. 

Putting your Faith in Action is an integral part of the journey to Discovering your Passion and Living out your Life Purpose.

The video below will describe these 3 steps or Pieces that define True Faith and will empower you to begin the Process of Putting Your Faith in Action.



Once you have made a commitment to yourself to HAVE Faith in or about a specific thing; Meditate on It, Spend Time in Prayer and Reflection over it; begin to really let your heart tell you the truth about your Faith and what you feel is the next step in your Transformation.  When you have a clear vision of what your Passion is; what your Faith has Motivated you to do; it is then that you can Take Steps to Put your Faith in Action! 

Be forever Active where your Faith is concerned.  The more you act out your Passion with Real Faith as a Foundation, the greater your results will be and you will be moving ahead in a positive, purposeful way in your life of Faith in Action

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