By Penny Turko

Time Commitment For Online Business Success

What Is The Recipe For Time Commitment to Achieve

Online Business Success?

What does it take to be committed to something, to actually set aside a time commitment for something? 

 A loved one, a pet, a hobby, an addiction?  What about your career?  The common thread here is time spent. Time Commitment!  We are all familiar with the ongoing struggle of effective time management.  How about the well-known adage “Time IS Money”.  Here is the biggest kept secret . . . Time is Time and Money is Money.  You will never be able to manage time; you can only manage YOURSELF in time.  So, how do we manage ourselves in time?  Here are some “manage yourself in time” tips to assist you in determining your Time Commitment to achieve success in your online business.

  •  A Daily Method of Operation worksheet is an integral part of having a successful and productive day.   Whether you are already employed and have just begun your online marketing business or you have decided to pursue internet marketing full-time, it is crucial to have a business plan.  This worksheet is a time-based map of your day, listing activities performed in designated blocks of time.  It is essential to follow these directions to the “T” to avoid interruptions and ineffective multi-tasking that could result in less than desirable results for your business.  A good rule of thumb time commitment for those that are currently employed full or part-time is between 10 to 16 hours per week.  If you have decided to make this home based business your full-time commitment, then you should treat it as such and spend at least 40 hours per week at the outset to get yourself established.  Remember, the amount of your time committment is most often directly related to the amount of revenue generated.  This being said, it is the goal of most forward thinking entrepreneurs, to have a business that can eventually run itself, deliver us success online and make us money even when we are sleeping. 

  • Be keenly aware of THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE!  This principle states that 20% of your direct efforts provide 80% of your results.  If you can determine where you’re most effective time is spent, you could reduce 4/5 of your work load.  Checking e-mail, answering telephone calls, paperwork, etc. Unbelievable?  Just think for a minute.  What are the top 3 activities that you use to fill time and feel productive?  These activities are usually the menial daily tasks that you use to put off the important work that you find more challenging or uncomfortable.  But, these more difficult tasks are the things that are most likely to be productive for you!

  • Apply Parkinson’s Law to your daily Method of Operation.  Simply put, this law enlightens us to the reality that as humans we are generally procrastinators.  We will inevitably put things off until the last-minute and then go crazy at the final hour to get things done.  Our Time Commitment has been pushed to the limit! Parkinson’s Law says the more that we find ourselves “under the gun”, so to speak, the more likely we are to perform under pressure.  Why don’t we then apply that pressure as a standard?  Give ourselves less time to do the most important tasks and get them done in a timely manner, at an earlier date, in the long run be greatly more productive and use our time commitment in an extremely more effective way.  

Yes, time can be our enemy.  Therefore, if we succeed in managing ourselves within time, rather than attempting to manage it, we will have learned one of life’s most significant lessons in becoming a success in online business and learning to carry through effectively on each time commitment we establish.

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By Penny Turko

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