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By Penny Turko

Does Your Social Media Strategy Suck?

Do You Feel Like Your Social Media Strategy Sucks?

You are spending endless time and money and you aren’t getting the results that you had hoped for?

If you are like the masses that are taking their businesses online and looking to build success through Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing, you may have been misled on the right way to do things.

After years and years of the masses jumping online and onto the social media platforms to market themselves, their products and their businesses and being told not to spam their opportunities everywhere…

I am shocked that it is still going on in HUGE numbers.

The real truth is that masses of these so-called Social Media Marketers will fail… at least 97% of them.

If you want to put in some effort and learn to create a Social Media Strategy that DOES NOT SUCK, you need to differentiate yourself from the crowds.

That simple means basing your Social Media Strategies on Marketing Tactics that work, like Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Marketing to others in a way that will attract them to you.

Have you ever really thought about it…

Are you more attracted to someone who helps you by providing assistance, value and guidance at the first meeting or someone who tries the aggressive sales pitch on you at first meeting?

Who would you rather work with?

A successful social media strategy combines just the right balance of value provided, professionalism, leadership and sharing of yourself.  When people feel like they are starting to know who you REALLY are, they will begin to count on you, trust you and like you.  That’s the best definition of attraction marketing.

So don’t follow the masses of marketer’s over the cliff and into your social media demise, learn the skills that will help you create a social media strategy that DOES NOT SUCK!

When you learn to use Social Media and Attraction Marketing the right way, people will come to you!

When I began to follow 4 simple steps in my social media strategy each and every day, the results I received were transformational.

The best part is I began to get leads everyday that already wanted what I had and I was generating them for FREE!

I created a video tutorial of these 4 steps and the social media strategies that I used to generate close to 300 leads for free in a very short period of time.

Get the “4 Steps To FREE LeadsVideo Tutorial now and never worry about being accused of having a Social Media Strategy that sucks ever again!

Click the LINK below to get Instant Access to this FREE Training Now!

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By Penny Turko

Simple MLM Recruiting Ideas To Turn Your Cold Prospects HOT!

Simple MLM Recruiting Ideas To Turn Your Cold Prospects HOT! If you are new to the Network Marketing or MLM Industry, you have more than likely been told by your team sponsor of upline to make a list of the people you know (your Warm Market) and go about the business of contacting them all to share the idea of your new business.

Many people are afraid to approach the people they know and feel that they either want to skip this step all together,  but this truly is the best place to start with the growth of your business.  If you don’t share first with the people who know, like and trust you already you may be missing a huge opportunity to build a team and also your professional MLM recruiting skills with the people you already feel comfortable with.

Maybe you have actually done the work and have now exhausted all of the people on your warm market list. in that case what it the next step?

For many that feel ongoing, committed MLM recruiting must be the main focus of a successful venture, the search goes online. The internet is a bottomless pool of opportunity to share your message with people who are interested in what you have to share.

But where do you start?

For many the search online to expand your MLM recruiting opportunities, starts a cycle of ongoing confusion and endless money spent on marketing strategy after strategy that may or may not work.

I am not stating that online marketing strategies do not work, for the truth is when you know what you are doing and have an ample marketing budget for paid advertising strategies, the results can be very fruitful.

But what for those that don’t have the time or money to spend on the huge learning curve of the internet? What is the answer for them?

Well, here’s where I want to share with you some simple MLM Recruiting ideas that will help you find new Cold Prospects and turn them HOT for FREE!

Many Business people, entrepreneurs and network marketers that are focused on effective and ongoing MLM Recruiting simply walk right past opportunities that are right in front of them. You actually want to be thinking about contacting people who are already successful professionals; realtors, mortgage brokers, people who sell stuff, people that lead a team already, people that already prospect and recruit and get paid based on the work they do.

People just like YOU and I!

So, what do you do?

How do you find these people?


  • When you are out on a regular day running errands and see a new Real Estate sign, write down the name and number. 
  • When you are out having coffee at your favorite spot, checkout the Community Bulletin Board for business cards of Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Brokers, Self Employed business people, personal trainers, etc.
  • Do a Google search in your local community and then beyond, for the same type of business people as mentioned above.
  • Attend networking and social functions in your community for business owners
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce and Small Business groups

No excuses if you live in a small town because the internet makes the world a small place. Just GOOGLE it! So, now you have an endless lead source, but what do you say to them?

Here’s one of the best lines that you can use to open a door and then set up an appointment at a later date.

“Do you keep your options open to making money if it doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”

When they say “YES!” and they most often always will… tell them you are rushed for time right now and set up a time to meet with them for coffee or set up a specific time to get back to them over the phone. This is the perfect time to get your upline or sponsor on the phone with them for a 3 way call as well.

Here’s my gift to you…

If you would like to go deeper and learn even more simple and effective MLM Recruiting ideas then Visit This Link NOW to get your  FREE Report from the all time most successful Network Marketing and MLM Recruiting Professional and 25 year veteran Todd Falcone!

Click Here to receive for FREE, Todd’s “Recruiting Pros Formula”.  It Shows You The Most Effective Way to Recruit Outside of Your Warm Market and the most effective strategy for building a large network marketing organization.

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Penny Turko

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By Penny Turko

The Simple Secret To 1,375% More Subscribers

The Simple Secret To 1,375% More Subscribers

Another Great Article from Aweber’s Email Marketing BLOG!

“To lightbox or not to lightbox, that is the question.”
– Shakespeare’s most over-adapted (because it’s perfect) quote

You’re browsing a site and suddenly, a form pops up in your face, blocking the page with an offer you didn’t ask for.

Obnoxious, right? But plenty of sites use lightboxes to request email addresses and more subscribers . The common explanation: “They’re annoying, but they work.”

But how is this possible? We’ve got proof from a customer who tested them for herself.

We Were Amazed When We Saw Her Results

Nikki McGonigal is a full-time crafter and blogger with an Etsy shop full of handmade accessories and a site called Nikki, In Stitches.

She sends emails notifying subscribers of fun ideas, new product announcements and the occasional freebie. We were talking with her about her emails when she mentioned her lightbox subscriptions.

She uses both a lightbox and a static sidebar form. The lightbox pops up once every 60 days per site visitor, at a delay of 2 seconds. The inline form is always visible.

Nikki’s Sidebar Form

Nikki’s Lightbox

Both forms went up on the site in late August of 2012. Eight months later, these are her results:

Form Type Form Displayed Form Filled Out Subscription Rate
Sidebar 178282 643 0.4%
Lightbox 135821 7473 5.5%

The lightbox drove an enormous 1,375% more sign ups than the sidebar form. (Did you see that?1,375% more!)

Goes to show that getting results doesn’t always mean being polite. If you don’t have a lightbox on your site yet, you may want to reconsider.

It’s important to consider that the forms, though nearly identical, are not quite. The logo visible near the sidebar form is placed directly on the lightbox and the intro text is slightly tweaked.

However, these differences are so negligible that the forms’ placement is by far the most significant difference, and therefore the one responsible for the bulk, if not all, of the difference in sign-up rates.

Getting A Lightbox On Your Site

Just so you know, lightboxes like Nikki’s are super easy to put on your site in AWeber: just selecting an option in the web form generator.

In fact, you can have an entire form built and on your site in 8 clicks and a copy-and-pasteTake a look at the process.

If You’re Not Emailing Yet…

If you haven’t started a newsletter yet because you’re not sure how to drum up an audience, we say take Nikki’s lead and get a lightbox on your site.

The Aweber  CS team will walk you through it (let them know you’d like help here), though it’s so easy you probably won’t need them to. Register here to get started.

To get all of the information on how you can position yourself as a leader and begin to create a residual income just by sharing training that marketers already need and WANT, Visit the LINK now!


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Penny Turko

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By Penny Turko

Advanced Email Marketing: Beyond The Basics – 4 FREE Guides

Advanced Email Marketing: Beyond The Basics – 4 FREE Guides


I know you’ve heard, but I’ll say it again – email marketing is the way to go when advertising your business.

A basic email marketing campaign is a really beneficial, not to mention easy, marketing strategy that you can utilize to increase your sales. The hard part is trying not to rush around cheering when you see your results.

But there’s even more to gain by refining your email list over time. You have plenty of options to prompt even better results from your messages. Here are a few of those options (and guides to help you with each):


Customers who remain inactive on your email lists (don’t open or click) aren’t doing you any good. There are many effective tactics that you can use to reach out to these subscribers with and bring them back to life.

Get the guide.


When you segment your subscribers, you divide them up into separate groups, which you can isolate and send targeted information. You can use this information in a variety of ways, such as offering special promotions to your most loyal subscribers.

Get the guide.


These are the stats that allow you to monitor and see important statistics from your emails – things like click rates and how many sales have come from a certain subscriber. After all, the stats don’t lie.

Get the guide.


Optimization is all about taking what you have and making it better – just like a successful email marketing campaign will do for your business.When it comes to email marketing, you want to have the most effective campaign possible.

Get the guide.

An Email Marketing Library

Aweber actually has a library of guides that explain all of these processes, and many more!

Whether you are new to email marketing or a seasoned veteran, feel free to check out all the useful information in their guides. I’m willing to bet that you’ll learn something new.

If You Aren’t Emailing Yet

If everything looks interesting so far, but you’re still not sure about what exactly an email marketing service provider will do for you, I have great news:

You can play around with AWeber for an entire month for only one dollar!

Aweber invites you to dip in your toes; if you like how it feels than you are more than welcome to stay with them, and should the water be too cold for you, you have a money-back guarantee – just call them, no hassles and no questions asked.

They are also available to talk to you personally about anything you might want to know.

If You Aren’t On MY Email List as Yet?? Why Not?

I regularly post articles and training on Marketing Strategies, Social Media Marketing and growing your business online.

When you get on my list you won’t miss any important training that could be the instrumental piece you need to take your business to the next level.

Get On My List Here!

It can’t be said enough to have a go to source for trusted training and guidance within your niche.  If you have a reliable training platform that consistently provides ongoing and leading edge instruction, you will never be without ideas for content.

I have been a member of a generic online training platform for a number of years now.  There are a multitude of archived trainings as well as new and relevant training each and every week.

If you are not a member of a Marketing Training Platform… YOU NEED TO BE!

You Need A Marketing Training Platform!

  • Wouldn’t it be great to be able to search a huge archive for a specific training, learn a fantastic marketing technique and implement in your business and marketing plan?

  • What if you could give away training on to your followers, members of your  team and prospects on any number of Marketing Training techniques?

  • Do you think it would position you as a Leader if you could be the goto person for Training?

  • Not only that, but what would it feel like if you could make money just from sharing FREE training with your followers and also create a residual income?

  • Does this sound like it would be a great fit for you and your team?

Here’s the BEST PART!!

You can check it all out for  less than $10!! That’s Right!

Visit the LINK now  to get all of the information on how you can position yourself as a leader and begin to create a residual income just by sharing training that marketers already need and WANT!

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