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How To Build Rapport The Real Way with 3 Simple Questions

Struggling to meet new people and don’t know the best way to build rapport?

Does the thought of creating new relationships and building rapport with new people make you feel like you want to stick your head in the sand?

Build Rapport the Real Way

Do you get the cold sweats when you think you need to come up with an elevator speech and have them magically want to work with you to build rapport.

So, what is Rapport anyway?

The definition of rapport by the FREE Online Dictionary is “Relationship, especially one of mutual trust or emotional affinity.”

The truth is that people will do business with people they know, like and trust.

If you start pitching new contacts right away, you will turn them off!

They don’t KNOW you, so they won’t trust or like you either.

It just doesn’t work to build rapport this way!

Take the pressure off yourself, you don’t have to do that.

You know that you are prospecting correctly if you are having fun and the other person is enjoying the conversation more than you are!

So what do you do to build rapport the REAL way?

 You ask people about themselves?

If you will use a few  basic questions and then follow up with one specific key question, you will be blown away at how people are attracted to you and how quickly you can build rapport with them.

These are feel good questions, questions that make people feel good about the conversation, about you and about themselves.

So how do you begin?

When you meet someone for the first time, you introduce yourself.

You can say, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“What do you do for work?”

The person will most often tell you and then ask you the same.

Be very low key about his questions and what you do, if you still have a regular 9-5 job, disclose that job.

Because really, the person doesn’t care!  People are generally more at ease in a conversation when they are talking about something they know about or bout themselves.

After the person asnwers the question, you want to go right back to them and introduce the feel good questions…

FEEL GOOD QUESTIONS are defined as questions that make another person feel like they are the star, make them the focus.


So ask this, “How did you get started in “whatever he/she does?”

Be genuinely interested.  People generally have fascinating stories.


“Wow that’s awesome! What do you enjoy most about what you do?”

Like you may have been taught in tradition prospecting and recruiting; you aren’t wanting to find out their pain yet. This is because the person doesn’t know, like and trust you yet.  Instead of finding their pain, find their joy.

Put a positive slant on the conversation, not a negative one by asking what he/she HATES most about their work!

Make the person feel good and want to share more!

It may get to a point when you want to find their pain, but that would be a ways down the road, not now.

Bob Burg is the Best Selling Author of “Adversaries into Allies” and the “Go-Giver” and has come up with

10 FEEL GOOD QUESTIONS that work very well when you are looking to build rapport. 

10 Feel-Good Questions®

  1. “How did you get your start in the widget business?”
  2. “What do you enjoy most about your profession?”
  3. “What separates you and your company from the competition?”
  4. “What advice would you give someone just starting in the widget business?”
  5. “What one thing would you do with your business if you knew you could not fail?”
  6. “What significant changes have you seen take place in your profession through the years?”
  7. “What do you see as the coming trends in the widget business?”
  8. “Describe the strangest or funniest incident you’ve experienced in your business?”
  9. “What ways have you found to be the most effective for promoting your business?”
  10. “What one sentence would you like people to use in describing the way you do business?” 

The One “Key” Question That Will Set You Apart From Everyone Else…

This is the 1 Key Question:

“John Smith, what you do is fascinating. How can I know if someone I’m speaking with would be a good prospect for you.”

Important: Please keep in mind that you won’t have time to ask more than two or three of these questions in any one conversation. These are questions people enjoy answering and they are simply meant to feel good and initially  build rapport.

The way you frame this question can help you.  When he/she answers the questions, you have found out what adds value to HIS/HER  life.

The person are  now are more interested in what you do because of how much interest you have in them, but this time may or may not be the right time to share.

This is a great question, but not everyone is in sales they may be in retail, etc. In that case you would say, “How can I know if someone I’m speaking with would be a good connection for you or someone you would like to meet or speak with.”

  1. Don’t treat people like numbers
  2. Be Real, don’t let the script run you. Know the script and  be truly interested
  3. Don’t be attached or addicted to the person asking you the same questions, don’t be addicted to the outcome. Focus on them. Posture is the lack of attachment to a specific act or desire “You gotta’ care, but not that much.”

If you are at a social event where there are a lot of people around and you have begun to build rapport with a few of them, introduce them to each other.  If you suggest that they might get together to do some cross prospecting or promotions and they are the right fir to work together, they will see you as a Leader and a goto person to help them.

Be sure to Follow-up.  Ask for a business card and send out a handwritten note  in blue ink that says…

“Hi “Name”, It was a great pleasure to meet you! I’ll keep my eyes open for good prospects/connections for you.”

Hope to chat soon.

Your Name.”

Send the note card as soon as possible in the mail.

Once your contact receives it, he/she will be much more inclined to speak with you on another occasion, because once again you are showing your interest in them.

Unless you can build rapport, motivate people  and move them to a significant action, you will not have success in this industry.

Getting others to commit to a decision and making them feel good about it is really the skill to great rapport building and prospecting skills.

Bob Burg has some fantastic short videos on building rapport skills, visit his BLOG!


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By Penny Turko

Online Marketers Aren’t Afraid To Strip Down And Ask ‘How Can I Help You?’

Let’s Strip Down To The Bare Bones, How Can I Help You Online Marketers??

I know this headline is a little risqué, but I really wanted to get your ATTENTION!!

So often I have the same question from people who I know, online and offline, from online marketers, friends, family and business people alike.

They just really want to know what I do!

So, I wanted to strip it down to the BARE BONES for you so that you can see what I can offer you and how you might find a place that fits you, working with me.

My main focus, like many others, when I jumped online to grow a business was to MAKE MONEY!

Isn’t that really them main motivator that gets people looking to online marketing for opportunities.

The truth of the matter is, I quickly found that it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be to compete with the other TRILLION or so online marketers out there!

I very quickly had to get myself educated as to what worked and get the goods on what the successful online marketers were doing that helped them to stand out from others.

My quest for the bigger picture in online marketing led me to a place of deep realization that, OMG, it really wasn’t ALL ABOUT ME!

I discovered that all the online marketers that were industry leaders were doing the same thing.

It actually shocked me!

Network Marketers, Internet Marketers and Online Marketers alike have all be heaped together and labelled with the same tag!

People who don’t know about the potential benefits of leveraged, residual Internet income don’t often understand what we do or how it works.

They tend to believe it is all a SCAM or a Pyramid Scheme!

The thing that actually shocked and excited me, was that the successful online marketers were focused on just one thing!


That’s right! Their only focus is on how they can help others succeed.

The thought of this got me soooo excited!

At the outset of course, I really just wanted someone to help me!

Isn’t that what we all really want as online marketers?

If we think back to the questions that we ourselves had when we began our online marketing journey, wouldn’t it have been so absolutely FANTASTIC to have someone there that you could trust to give some direction, some real guidance without the big, hard sales push coming in front of the answer?

I think YES!!!

Is this where you have been placing your focus?

Do your realize that this is the way for you to reach your goals, just by helping other online marketers !  That’s IT!!

If you have been running around all of the Social Media Platforms that you are a member of, flogging your sales link and telling people how much money you made… That is not going to work for you!!


It’s all about the BIG “A”, Attraction!

  • You want to attract people to you and how do you do that?
  • You want to Strip down in front of them!!  (not literally though LOL)
  • You want to become very transparent with the people who are looking to you for help.
  • Your main focus shouldn’t be, “What Can I Sell This Person?”
  • Your main focus should be, “How Can I Help This Person?”

The only way that you will know the answers to these questions is by asking.

Now, you may be saying, “How can I help other online marketers when I have only just started myself?”

I have had this conversation countless times and my answer is the same every time.

If you have access to a platform that has Training on virtually any subject to do with Online Marketing, what Online Marketers are doing now to get results and how to grow your network Marketing business, that you can offer to others for FREE….

How do you think that would make them feel about you?

They would most certainly want build a relationship with YOU, the person that can help them with all their needs right?

And when you build a relationship based on value, that’s when things will really start to change for you!

So, I’m asking all of you online marketers this…

“How Can I Help You To Help Others?”

[youtube width=”540″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Here are some programs you can check out that can help you, help others.

Pure Leverage ($25 to $125 a month)

**Joining my Pure Leverage Team will gain you a priceless membership spot in Team Camelot with our Marketing Mastermind Diane Hochman and her LIVE Work Training Sessions.

My Lead System Pro ( $20 to $150 a month)

Numis Network ($119 a month)

Ocean Avenue ($50 a month)

  • If you join anyone of these programs, you will gain access to my Social Media Marketing Membership Training site (a value f $197.00) plus access to our daily mindset calls.
  • Plus as you move up the ranks additional coaching and private sessions become available to you.

Isn’t it time to make a REAL decision to learn to build multiple streams of income that give you the stability in your home business that you crave and help others to do the same?

It was realizing that I could help others by offering them many different things that they may want and need to enhance their businesses rather than just what “I THOUGHT” they needed that has made the biggest difference in my business.

It really is THAT SIMPLE!


Here is a quickie on “How To Get People” from my good friend and mentor Diane Hochman!

She is UBER WISE!!


“How do I “get” people?….

That’s what they ask me…

Day in and day out …the same question…

How do I “get” people?

I suppose I used to wonder that question too…

But in the end…

Isn’t that a ridiculous question?

Can anyone really GET anyone???

The answer is NO…

But we can INFLUENCE people

And we can GUIDE people…

And we can HELP people…

And when we do we build TRUST..,

And through TRUST the prospect feels SAFE…

And a SAFE prospect is an ENROLLING prospect….

So next time you wonder…

“How do I get people”

Try a few of those things on for size 


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By Penny Turko

How To Implement the 4 C’s for MLM Success

How To Implement the 4 C’s for MLM Success.

You might be wondering what the 4 C’s even are, in that case let’s start from the beginning!

If you are not achieving the MLM Success that you desire from your marketing efforts online, you must first have a daily ritual or DMO, Daily Method of Operation.  You can learn more about exactly  How To Create a Method to Stop MLM Marketing Madness and ultimately achieve MLM Success by visiting this 3 part article I wrote.

Now, let’s talk about the 4 C’s, what they are and how you can accomplish them to get results and the MLM Success you have been focusing on.

The video below will explain this more thoroughly.


The 4 C’s for MLM Success :

  1. Create – your content can be anything from articles, videos, Facebook Notes, etc. Relevant information that your Niche market will find value in;
  2. Capture – use capture pages, web forms, landing pages, surveys to collect prospects names and emails to begin building a list that you can build relationships with;
  3. Communicate – build ongoing relationships with 10- 12 new people everyday in person to person conversations, over the phone or online through Social Media networking sites- begin to send emails to your list 5 – 7 times per week offering them value and assistance (don’t just try to sell them – remember the 80-20 rule)
  4.  Close – when you have built a relationship of know, like and trust with your prospects you will have the influence to begin to close them into sales of your products, services or business opportunities.

Your MLM Success will really begin to take off when your daily activities include the 4 C’s each and every day and you make a commitment to yourself and your business to implement these strategies ongoing for a 60-90 day period!

Anything that is worth doing is not always easy but if you commit yourself to this plan of action daily, your results will prove fruitful.

You may be asking how to go about doing all of these things.

You may feel that you do not have the right tools and software to begin the commitment to this DMO and set it up so that it is easy to do each and every day.

I want to share with you the one tool I know of that provides all of the tools that you will need to jump in with both feet and give you the results from your efforts that you are looking for.

The Suite of Tools I’m talking about is called Pure Leverage. 

Check out this video I recorded on the details of Pure Leverage and the benefits, time and cost savings that will most definitely lead to your MLM Success!

Let me why the Pure Leverage suite of tools works so perfectly to accomplish your Daily 4 C’s.

  1.  Create – use your own personalized Pure Leverage blog;
  2.  Capture – use the easy to customize capture pages inside your Pure Leverage back office;
  3.  Communicate – use the Email autoresponder and video email software inside Pure Leverage;
  4.  Close – become a Pure Leverage Reseller and create an income through selling these same valuable tools to others to help them achieve MLM Success through implementing the 4 C’s.


Head on over to start your $1 -7 Day Trial with Pure Leverage now!

Wait for the timer to tick to zero, scroll to the bottom of the page and get started on your own road to MLM Success today!

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No More Alone Online, Ask Questions & Move Past Your Roadblocks

No More Alone Online, Ask Questions & Move Past Your Roadblocks

 Need Some Questions Answered, Some Real Hands On Training, A Video Tutorial?  Ask Here?

We all start somewhere don’t we?

If you are currently just starting  an online business, moving your existing business online or deciding to learn all about internet marketing; we have all been there.

At the beginning that is!

When I first started my online career, I was such a newbie that I didn’t even have a Facebook account, now I feel like I could almost not go a day without it.

I was eager, motivated and excited to jump right in!

Unfortunately things weren’t as easy as I had imagined they would be.

There were so many different companies, products , software and training that I began to get completely confused and eventually came down with a bad case of online overwhelm and felt completely alone online!

There were so many times that I wished I had someone who I could contact just to ask a simple questions that could end up saving me loads of time.

Along the way I found some coaches and mentors that helped me move through obstacles and I kept pushing on ahead.

I feel blessed to have met people like these that answered simple questions for me that saved me time and money, because I had wasted away much of both and didn’t want to spend anymore time wandering aimlessly alone online!

For this reason, I have become passionate about giving back!

I want to help others that are starting down the same road that I went down by answering their questions in an easy to follow and understand manner.

You know what they say… what goes around comes around!

So, if you would like me to answer any of your questions one on one, I will and if I can do it in video tutorial format I will do that for you too!  Let’s save you some time, money, energy and headache and get you moving forward towards our goals quickly!

If you want to join myself, the AMAZING Diane Hochman and our fantastic group Team Camelot to receive almost daily, live, step by step hands on training, so you never have to be left wondering what to do next again..

visit the link below to enter your name and email, and I will be contacting you within 24 hours to discuss how you can join us!

Click Here To Become a Group Member, Have Your Questions Answered, Move Beyond Your Road Blocks and Never, Ever Feel Alone Online Again!


If you are new to online marketing or have been around for a while but haven’t had any of the direction and training that you require to move forward in your business, I’d like to offer you my FREE E-book, The Perpetual Online Setup Avoidance Plan.


The Perpetual Online Setup Avoidance Plan will show you how to set up an Automated Marketing System in less than a week to start generating traffic, leads and sales to your business using 1 Simple System and taking 4 Easy steps to put it all together!


So, Check it out Now, what do you have to lose?  It’s FREE!


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By Penny Turko

Can I Give You a FREE Squeeze, A 90 Second Squeeze Page That Is!

Can I Give You A Squeeze, a 90 Second Squeeze Page Squeeze that is!

I hope that’s not too forward. 

I often get asked about the many different names of Pages that prospects land on that collect their data.

They go by many names:

Squeeze Page,Capture Page, Landing Page, Sales Page, Lead Capture Page and the list goes on!

They come in all different formats with many different names but there aren’t too many that come completely for FREE and have hosting attached!

What does this mean?

If you don’t have your own hosted website of blog, you will know that it is hard to find a product or software that allows you to create a FREE Squeeze page that doesn’t have to be hosted.

Which means you can place the html from the Squeeze Page in one  of you hosted social media sites like your Facebook Fan Page, but then you would be somewhat limited to visitors that have a Facebook account.

The 90 Second Squeeze Page  allows you to create a Squeeze page and hosts it for you (provides a link that you can use to direct people to it).

Here’s a quick video that will show you how to use it and how versatile it is.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Please visit 90 Second Squeeze Page to create your FREE account and start creating endless, hosted Squeeze Pages to make you a CRAP LOAD full of money!

If you would like to learn how to Create Sales Funnels that Convert, you may want to Join my MLSP Team. There are multile, high converting sales funnels already available for you to use and sell products for as much as 100% commissions.

Check it out here!

Here is a post that I wrote on Creation of Sales Funnels and how to Monetize them.

Are you feeling like you have no direction, no upline support or training…

We can help.  Visit THIS LINK and I will get back to you within 24 hours and get you on the right path to your Online Success!

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