What is MLM Residual Income?

By Penny Turko

What is MLM Residual Income Reality?

What is MLM to you?

When you think of the Acronym MLM, are you exciting when you think that you can Make Large Money or has it unfortunatley become Momentum Like Molasses? 

If you have been working like a dog to discover the answer to the Question – exactly what is MLM, and what it takes for success. If you have been following the steps to MLM Success that your upline has provided you to a “T”… and yet you still aren’t making the kind of residual income you’ve been expecting…

If you have found yourself asking the questions, what is mlm training that works and the mlm prospecting and business building skills you have surrendered to have not paid you back even the hourly wage that you were happy making at your old J.O.B….

If your prospects have asked you What is MLM and can you explain your comp plan but the complex nature of your MLM Compensation Plan, Binary Structure and Qualifying Volumes have left you dazed, confused and wondering when you will ever get paid…


If you have started to feel like the question what is MLM and what does it take to create Fast MLM Success doesn’t provide you the answer that you want to hear and is not the bright, shiny vehicle that will carry you to your desired financial destination via the quickest, simplest route…

Then maybe it’s time to stop asking what is MLM Success and how do I get there, but rather what are my other options where residual income is concerned.

We all realize that the residual income of traditional MLMs is more likely what attracted us to network marketing in the first place, but is there a better way?

What if you could generate a residual income on Day #1 and enable your Teammates to do the same on their first day as well?

What if that DIRTY word “ATTRITION” became just that “A WORD” and wasn’t something that you really ever worried about with your personal team ever again.

What if you could take the existing team that you have right now, however big or small, plug them into a step by step system and get them making residual income immediately regardless of their placement in your MLM downline and their current marketing skills?

Does that sound like something that would make sense to you?

Does that sound like something that would create a feeling of cohesion and accomplishment within your team and it’s members?

If your current MLM experience is anything like what I have mentioned here and your current Team is becoming unresponsive, unmotivated and unimpressed… then it’s crucial to get them out of disenchantment and into a positive cashflow situation immediately. This will result in a positive Team energy, that will enhance motivation, passion and mindset and get everyone moving forward to their desired dreams and goals!

What if I could show answer the question for you, “What is MLM?” or more importantly tell you what MLM isn’t? And what if I could show you a way to create a residual income quite simply today coupled with an essential leading edge training, marketing and support team?

When you ask yourself” “What is MLM?”, is your definition Momentum Like Molasses?  If it is, then maybe it’s time to look at MLM in a different way and one that stands for Make Large MONEY!!!


If your true desire is to help others reach their dreams and goals as your reach yours, then you have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN by clicking the link here to Discover how  you can change your entire FUTURE and POWERFULLY IMPACT the lives of all those who rely on you.

When they ask you “What is MLM?”  won’t it be nice to be able to give them the truth about how to truly create a monthy residual income FAST!

Don’t you owe it to yourself and your Team to Lead them to the FRONT LINE in Network Marketing Success?  Don’t you want to be the one that teaches them the Marketing Techniques and Strategies that are working now for MLM success

Here’s the VITAL question, it’s not “What is MLM?

The question is what is the truth about MLM and how can you lead your team the right way, into a Simple, Effective Marketing System that will get them RESULTS FAST and a residual income that will last for years to come?   That is the Question!!!

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Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Success!

By Penny Turko

Blow Your Whistle on Small Victories, Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Success!


Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Success, even the Small Victories!

 As self-employed business people, we can often become discouraged by a lack of results early on in our quest for Entrepreneurial Success!

The truth is many people who move their businesses online for increased revenue, traffic and results, often have a full-time job as well that they attend.  Why do we as HUMANS think we can do it all perfectly, in record time flat and without SLEEP?

It’s crazy and unrealistic, in most cases,  to think that we can have full-time results on a quarter time budget. When our activities don’t produce the results that we thought they would right away… we become annoyed, disillusioned and impatient, which can all lead to the path or our destruction.

It is important to verify within ourselves that not all things that are worth doing will always be exceptionally easy.  We must be realistic and fair to ourselves and be sure to give ourselves the KUDOS that we deserve; the pats on the back for accomplishing event he small victories that move us forward to Entrepreneurial Success in our businesses and personal lives as the case may be.

Hope the video below will help you give yourself the credit you deserve, in the realization that personal and entrepreneurial success comes overtime with small victories along the way!  Celebrate your Entrepreneurial Success every day by crediting yourself with the things you did accomplish, don’t just focus on the things you didn’t!


If you don’t have a Complete Blueprint on How to Generate Traffic, Leads, Entrepreneurial Success and Increased Residual Income in your Business…

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Don’t WASTE Time and Money on Products and Systems that just DON’T WORK!!!!



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What is MLM Residual Income?
What is MLM Residual Income Reality?
Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Success!
Blow Your Whistle on Small Victories, Celebrate Your Entrepreneurial Success!