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Generate MLM Leads , Free Training To Get Your YouTube Video on Page 1

Do You Want To Generate MLM Leads on YouTube?  This Step by Step Free Training will show you How To Get Your YouTube Video on Page 1!

Holy Mother of Pearl… I Ranked Page 1 on YouTube, I Can Show You How!

Yippee!  You can probably tell that I’m a little excited!
Well, maybe more than  a little.
If you’ll remember, last week I had a week of FREE Training giveaways to grow your business and generate more mlm leads.
One of these Trainings  was on on how to get more views on YouTube to get you more mlm leads.
The training that I offered was completely FREE and I had gone through and implemented a few of the strategies that I learned!
Yesterday I recorded a video just letting you know that I had hit Page 2 of the YouTube search for a specific keyword! YES!!!
But wouldn’t you know it, by last nite I was already on Page 1.
SO, what I’m saying is this!
Why is this so important?
If you know anything about generating mlm leads for your business,
you’ll know that it is important to rank on Page 1 or YouTube or
Google because people searching don’t often go to page 2 or 3
to look for the info they searched for.
If you know how to rank on page 1 of YouTube for keywords that people are searching for and have your video optimized for leads, you’ll start generating traffic to your products, offers and business & will start bringing in a flow of mlm leads like NUTHIN’ you’ve seen before!
And… this training I offered was completely FREE!!
So, although the 1 week of FREE Training is done and gone, I really want you to get these FANTASTIC RESULTS from your Video marketing efforts and to start to see growth in your traffic flow and the number of mlm leads that you are receiving….
So, don’t wait another minute! 
I’m going to off the FREE Training again!
Take a look at the video below that I did yesterday, sharing on the importance of how you can generate MLM Leads for you business through a few simple steps to TWEEK your YouTube Videos and grab the link to that FREE Training Below Now!

If I can do it, so can you!
Don’t Wait another Minute to get the results that you’ve been striving for!

Get this Step by Step Guide to Generating MLM Leads through YouTube Video Marketing and get your Videos ranked on Page 1 of YouTube!

This Training May not be FREE forever, so VISIT THIS LINK NOW for Instant Access!


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What is MLM Residual Income?

By Penny Turko

What is MLM Residual Income Reality?

What is MLM to you?

When you think of the Acronym MLM, are you exciting when you think that you can Make Large Money or has it unfortunatley become Momentum Like Molasses? 

If you have been working like a dog to discover the answer to the Question – exactly what is MLM, and what it takes for success. If you have been following the steps to MLM Success that your upline has provided you to a “T”… and yet you still aren’t making the kind of residual income you’ve been expecting…

If you have found yourself asking the questions, what is mlm training that works and the mlm prospecting and business building skills you have surrendered to have not paid you back even the hourly wage that you were happy making at your old J.O.B….

If your prospects have asked you What is MLM and can you explain your comp plan but the complex nature of your MLM Compensation Plan, Binary Structure and Qualifying Volumes have left you dazed, confused and wondering when you will ever get paid…


If you have started to feel like the question what is MLM and what does it take to create Fast MLM Success doesn’t provide you the answer that you want to hear and is not the bright, shiny vehicle that will carry you to your desired financial destination via the quickest, simplest route…

Then maybe it’s time to stop asking what is MLM Success and how do I get there, but rather what are my other options where residual income is concerned.

We all realize that the residual income of traditional MLMs is more likely what attracted us to network marketing in the first place, but is there a better way?

What if you could generate a residual income on Day #1 and enable your Teammates to do the same on their first day as well?

What if that DIRTY word “ATTRITION” became just that “A WORD” and wasn’t something that you really ever worried about with your personal team ever again.

What if you could take the existing team that you have right now, however big or small, plug them into a step by step system and get them making residual income immediately regardless of their placement in your MLM downline and their current marketing skills?

Does that sound like something that would make sense to you?

Does that sound like something that would create a feeling of cohesion and accomplishment within your team and it’s members?

If your current MLM experience is anything like what I have mentioned here and your current Team is becoming unresponsive, unmotivated and unimpressed… then it’s crucial to get them out of disenchantment and into a positive cashflow situation immediately. This will result in a positive Team energy, that will enhance motivation, passion and mindset and get everyone moving forward to their desired dreams and goals!

What if I could show answer the question for you, “What is MLM?” or more importantly tell you what MLM isn’t? And what if I could show you a way to create a residual income quite simply today coupled with an essential leading edge training, marketing and support team?

When you ask yourself” “What is MLM?”, is your definition Momentum Like Molasses?  If it is, then maybe it’s time to look at MLM in a different way and one that stands for Make Large MONEY!!!


If your true desire is to help others reach their dreams and goals as your reach yours, then you have nothing to lose and everything to GAIN by clicking the link here to Discover how  you can change your entire FUTURE and POWERFULLY IMPACT the lives of all those who rely on you.

When they ask you “What is MLM?”  won’t it be nice to be able to give them the truth about how to truly create a monthy residual income FAST!

Don’t you owe it to yourself and your Team to Lead them to the FRONT LINE in Network Marketing Success?  Don’t you want to be the one that teaches them the Marketing Techniques and Strategies that are working now for MLM success

Here’s the VITAL question, it’s not “What is MLM?

The question is what is the truth about MLM and how can you lead your team the right way, into a Simple, Effective Marketing System that will get them RESULTS FAST and a residual income that will last for years to come?   That is the Question!!!

Isn’t it time you shared the ANSWER?  Here’s the BONUS!! It’s FREE!!









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Skype ID – penny.turko1

By Penny Turko

MLM Network Marketing Business Connections not Collections

Have You Been Struggling in your attempts at growing an MLM Network Marketing Business?

Have You Eagerly Joined an MLM Network Marketing Company only to find that you have been left on your own to “FIGURE IT ALL OUT.”

Have you been told that only a true and REAL Passion for your Company and products will bring you MLM Success?

Have you been informed by your upline that learning everything possible about your product and comp plan will ensure your MLM Network Marketing Business Success?

Have you found yourself moving from one MLM to another struggling to find a place where you feel like you belong?

Have you been told that it really isn’t practical for your Sponsor to contact you on a regular basis and your success or failure is truly in your own hands?


If you have been struggling to grow your MLM Network Marketing Business and have had no success, it’s not your fault!

I want to give you the Secret Ingredient that your upline may not have shared with you!

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By Penny Turko


Would You Like to Learn How to Become a Facebook Celebrity? 


Would you like to have the skills and direct steps to sponsor 1 to 3 reps per week through Facebook Marketing in 45 minutes per day?

Follow the Instructions below, complete the daily tasks and you will learn to Become a Facebook Celebrity!

  1. Create a Fun and Compelling Profile Page.  Your personal Facebook profile is not for business use.  STAND OUT!  Your profile picture should be fun and upbeat.  The photo should be of you, this is where Personal Branding starts. You want people to get to know you, so a picture of YOU is extremely important.  You want the photo to compel them to want to get to know you better.  You can feel free to place links here in your personal information to your Blog and other Social Media Sites.  Be sure to add an invite to your Facebook Fan Page to help you Become a Facebook Celebrity and ask if they have seen your You Tube Channel; for example.  All of these links should be social in nature and not just a whole lot of links to your business Pages or replicated web sites.  The links should take your friends to sites where they can get to know you better and want to interact with you. Be sure to KEEP IT CLEAN! Business  contacts may be networking with you on your personal site first before they ever make it to you Fan Page, so it’s important not to post profanity, questionable photos or anything that would compromise your professional character and sabotage your goal to Become a Facebook Celebrity.
  2. Create a Group Using Your Name in the Title.  The area beneath your personal profile picture offers you the opportunity to create a Group.  The first Group that you create must have a picture of you as the profile picture and your name in the title. eg. Penny Turko’s How To Become a Facebook Celebrity Group.  As you are adding friends that are potential Business Contacts, you can invite them to become a member of your Become a Facebook Celebrity Group. Remember that you are working at building relationships with other people and the best way to do that is to provide them something that they need. Your group should offer them the solution to a problem or the opportunity to learn and grow in their business and with others.
  3. Create a Facebook Fan Page with your Name in the Title and Your Photo as the Profile Picture. Your Fan Page is essentially your Facebook Business Page. The name of your Fan Page should be related to you business, have your name included in it and keyword optimized. eg. Penny Turko Facebook Celebrity Fan Page.  You will realize shortly after having created your Fan Page that you have this huge, long undesirable URL and others have a very classy looking URL with their Fan Page title or their name within the link.  This is called a Vanity URL and you have just one opportunity to change it, but only after you have 25 or more Fans. Click on THIS LINK to learn how to create a Vanity URL.  The Real Estate below your profile picture is crucially important to fill with a call to action and a statement that will attract your visitor and motivate them to perform a task that you have requested. You might craft a message something like this, ”Not a Fan Yet?  Click Like and Go To [your blog URL] to see a personal message from Penny!”  The title on the tab that your visitors land on should have some graphics and a call to action, “Click the LIKE button above for Leading Edge Strategies for your Home Based Business.”  Visit THIS LINK to learn how to create an intriguing Fan Page Tab.  On the Road to Become a Facebook Celebrity, each one should seriously think about creating an offer that you can promote to the people who you are networking with.  Your Fan Page can contain this offer like the example below:                                                             

           FREE!! Penny Offers YOU This Brand New Industry Acclaimed 4 Step Plan Guaranteed  To Help You Become A Facebook Celebrity!  

                             A Must For Anyone Looking to Grow Your Facebook Celebrity Status! 

                               Enter Your Details Below to Receive Your Immediate Download.       

 For a step by step tutorial on how to create your own Personal Offer, Visit HERE!  Your Page should be Listed under the Business – Marketing  &  Advertising Category.  Suggest to your Fans and Friends that they post Post Valuable content on your Fan Page Wall, but no spamming.  Ask them to Please Click the LIKE button while they are there.  Share your recent Blog Posts and any useful content that you think your contacts would find helpful. Once you have more than 1 Fan you can begin to send Broadcast messages to everyone at the same time.  If you truly want to Become a Facebook Celebrity, then Video is the way to go.  You must have videos posted introducing yourself and providing value to your Fans. Videos add that personal touch.  People can get to see you, hear you, feel like they know you better. Providing training and messages through Video is an exceptionally effective tool to assist you to Become a Facebook Celebrity. CHECK OUT THESE TIPS TO MARKETING WITH VIDEO!

      4.   Start Adding Friends (25 per Day).  On your Fan Page perform a group search to find Groups that you would like to be a member of.  These groups should contain members that are within you niche market that you can network with and potentially partner with. Some good examples of groups might be: MLM Groups, Work from Home Groups, Making Money Online Groups, Home Based Business Groups,Direct Sales Groups, Company Groups, etc. Go to theses groups and join them. Click on the members tab to see all members and start adding friends. 15-20 per day is a good number to start with 10 in the morning, 5 after lunch and 10 before bed.  Make sure to always add a personal message to your friend request.  Check out the members personal profile to see if you have something in common with them and mention this in your message. In this way you are creating relationships with other networkers within you niche and have potential to market to them, add them to your Fan Page and possibly have them join your team.   Remember to never begin the relationship with a push to your main business right away, that will turn them off.  Provide helpful information by sharing your recent posts on your Groups Walls and adding helpful tips as well. 


Implement these 4 Steps into Your Daily Method of Operation and you will have begun the process to Become a Facebook Celebrity!

To Learn The Sexiest & Hottest Form of Paid Media Traffic that’s Currently Available To Network Marketers to Generate Upwards of 112 Leads per Day CHECK THIS OUT!

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By Penny Turko

Fear of Commitment Online


Do You Have Fear of Commitment to Online Business?

Fear is an extremely powerful emotion!  You know the old saying, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself!”  That is so true if you think about it.  We can let fear of commitment debilitate us, even paralyze us when it comes to making tough decisions or life changing commitments.  What we all need to realize is that our emotions create our reality!  We need to make that dynamic paradigm shift to realize that the fear of who we don’t want to become, can motivate us or it can be used to keep us in our current circumstances; effectively pressuring us to cop-out of all the possibilities that our own life holds for us.  Here’s what I mean. Let’s look at it this way and really take inventory of our fears.  My story for instance went something like this.  I could see that there was this most incredible opportunity for me to change my life but . . .

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What is MLM Residual Income?
What is MLM Residual Income Reality?