By Penny Turko

Stop All The BS! Making Money Online Is Not Easy!

Making Money Online Is Not Easy, and that’s no BS!


This message is so totally ramping me up, that I had to get it out to those of you who may have missed it.

You see, I’m in a bit of an odd state of mind today!!


I can’t top thinking about a call I was on with my mentor Diane Hochman the other day!


It was uber POWERFUL and probably not what you would think for a daily Mindset call.


Diane was talking about getting PISSED OFF!


I apologize in advance for the language….


But, why would we be talking about getting angry on a morning mindset call?


I’ll tell you why!


Because quite often, we as humans don’t get up off of our butts and really make a difference until we get really angry about something.


When something begins to bother us and fester and eat us up inside, that’s generally the time that we will really take action.


I’m taking Diane’s initiative and decided that I really need to get something off of my chest!



That’s right!


I’m tired of all of the networkers and business promoters and spammers sending out the message that making money online is the easiest thing that you could ever do!!!


It’s just not true!!!


You see it takes a lot of work and commitment and of course the right mentor to point you in the right direction, to get you making money online in the most effective way that will last and build you a successful business foundation.


And, the fact of the matter is that many of these so-called guru’s out there that are telling the tired, broke and absolutely hard up for success business builders out there that there, that they were making money online in the thousands in their first few weeks or months, are most often embellishing the truth.


If you looked a little deeper you would probably find out that these same people head been struggling to make things work, anything work to start making money online for years before they actually found success!


So, am I pissed off?


Yes!!! Yes.. I AM!!


I’m tired of people being taken advantage of for the sake of a dollar!


I’m tired of people being led down the wrong garden path and finding their pockets are empty at the end!


I’m tired of the hoopla and chaos of the next shiny thing to promote that will be the product, tool or platform to make a Gazillion dollars!


I’m tired of people getting hurt, spending all their money, losing their relationships, their homes and their dignity!


You MUST REALIZE, it’s not about anyone else, any thing, product, platform or company!!


It’s about You!!!


It’s all inside of you!


We ALL have Transformational Value, we just need to share it!!!



So, today I want you to think about something…


I want you to think about what really makes you angry!


I want you to think about the thing that makes you so uncomfortable that you want to scream!


And I want you to do something about it!


Make a difference in others lives and your own!


Take Charge!


I believe I would still be wandering down the path to the next Shiny Thing if it weren’t for DIANE HOCHMAN!!


She’s the real deal people!!  She has helped me to change the way I look at things and MOST IMPORTANTLY…




Listen To This Short 15 Minute  Audio!  


It’s NO BS!


And Yes there is some ranting!


Change How You Think in the next 15 Minutes!


And when you are done, come on back here and make a commitment to make a change.


We want to teach you how to Connect 4 Value with others and the REAL TRUTH on how to grow YOU and your business… and start to start seeing some results in your making money online efforts.

It doesn’t happen Overnite… but things will start to change for you, just give yourself 90 Days of Committed effort.

No BS…


Just the real deal!!


Get on the list HERE and we’ll get you the details on when and where we’ll be meeting to show you step by step how to create your plan!


Get Connected!


To Your Unstoppable Power!


Penny Turko


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By Penny Turko


What is the Key, Most Important, Epic Online Market Strategy To

Grow Your Internet Business?

The answer to this question is probably not what you generally think a Marketing Strategy would be. Success in Your Internet Business and Creating an Epic Online Market Strategy is truly simpler than you think. It all begins with helping other people first! That’s right! It’s not about YOU!


The truth is that your online business will never be a success until you learn that to help others first is to help yourself.  Without the desire to network with others, to be truly dedicated and have the passion to pass on knowledge that will motivate your connections forward in their online pursuits . . . you will continue to struggle in your Network Marketing Business. You must come from a place of service to others first, before your success is imminent.



Now that you have watched the Video and have learned the Epic Online Market Strategy,  Visit This Link to Discover How to Become a Facebook Celebrity!

By Penny Turko

Online Business Training

Do you Require Online Business Training  

to Start Your Internet Business? 

 The answer to this question is simple really. Yes! 

Just like anything else in life that you undertake to do well, you must have training for.  Don’t get me wrong.  You don’t need a University Marketing degree to start-up your new online business.  But, if you are a first timer in the internet marketing  arena, there is certain to be somewhat of a learning curve.  It’s important to realize that you are not going to learn everything in one day or even a few weeks for that matter. The first and most crucial lesson here is that you must begin with a plan of attack and try to stick to your daily scheduling as much as possible.


Please! Please! Please! Learn from my Mistakes!  

When you begin your online venture, what ever it may be, you will begin to put yourself out there . . .  out there into the World Wide Web that is.  As you traverse different sites searching for information and answers, you will immediately become bombarded with e-mails and requests for you to join networking teams and offers promising you the best and only way to make a million dollars online in a week! 


If you have joined a legitimate online business, then you will no doubt have been provided guidance and access to an online training program already.  Stay on track!! Follow the guidelines, training and steps to complete that have been provided you by your online coach or business mentor.  If you do wander into Curiousville and the temptation for FAST MONEY has taken over. . . if you decide to purchase the next best training package, the REAL SECRET TO MAKING MONEY ONLINE kit or a couple of those E-book business kits with CD’s, DVD’s  and guarantees to change your life forever overnight . . .  GIVE YOURSELF A REALITY CHECK!  Getting involved in too many opportunities, too quickly only causes anxiety, confusion and self-doubt that you will ever have the ability to complete a project efficiently and effectively. For this reason, research of a legitimate business opportunity with a community of members that are willing to share all secrets of success and free training through online calls and webinars will have been the best decision that you ever made. 


 Don’t get caught up in the bright and shiny online gimmicks that provide no support or training once you’ve signed up.  Or even worse, opportunities that provide training and information, but after you purchase you realize that it all comes with a price tag!   In general people are impatient by nature, they want IT and they want IT FAST!!   Remember, if you want to get where you’ve never been before, you will have to do things you’ve never done before.  If you are new to Internet Marketing, Social Media, Networking, Blogging, SEO and PPC, it’s going to take some time to acquire the skills to become efficient in all of these areas.  Don’t lose faith!  Don’t quit before you even get started.  Persistent efforts will reap rewards.  Results may take some time.   Set goals, follow the instruction of you online coach or mentor, develop a daily method of operation and don’t give up!  Your success is imminent.

Click Here if you would like to learn more about Online Training   and

 CHECK OUT this Video!

By Penny Turko

Time Commitment For Online Business Success

What Is The Recipe For Time Commitment to Achieve

Online Business Success?

What does it take to be committed to something, to actually set aside a time commitment for something? 

 A loved one, a pet, a hobby, an addiction?  What about your career?  The common thread here is time spent. Time Commitment!  We are all familiar with the ongoing struggle of effective time management.  How about the well-known adage “Time IS Money”.  Here is the biggest kept secret . . . Time is Time and Money is Money.  You will never be able to manage time; you can only manage YOURSELF in time.  So, how do we manage ourselves in time?  Here are some “manage yourself in time” tips to assist you in determining your Time Commitment to achieve success in your online business.

  •  A Daily Method of Operation worksheet is an integral part of having a successful and productive day.   Whether you are already employed and have just begun your online marketing business or you have decided to pursue internet marketing full-time, it is crucial to have a business plan.  This worksheet is a time-based map of your day, listing activities performed in designated blocks of time.  It is essential to follow these directions to the “T” to avoid interruptions and ineffective multi-tasking that could result in less than desirable results for your business.  A good rule of thumb time commitment for those that are currently employed full or part-time is between 10 to 16 hours per week.  If you have decided to make this home based business your full-time commitment, then you should treat it as such and spend at least 40 hours per week at the outset to get yourself established.  Remember, the amount of your time committment is most often directly related to the amount of revenue generated.  This being said, it is the goal of most forward thinking entrepreneurs, to have a business that can eventually run itself, deliver us success online and make us money even when we are sleeping. 

  • Be keenly aware of THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE!  This principle states that 20% of your direct efforts provide 80% of your results.  If you can determine where you’re most effective time is spent, you could reduce 4/5 of your work load.  Checking e-mail, answering telephone calls, paperwork, etc. Unbelievable?  Just think for a minute.  What are the top 3 activities that you use to fill time and feel productive?  These activities are usually the menial daily tasks that you use to put off the important work that you find more challenging or uncomfortable.  But, these more difficult tasks are the things that are most likely to be productive for you!

  • Apply Parkinson’s Law to your daily Method of Operation.  Simply put, this law enlightens us to the reality that as humans we are generally procrastinators.  We will inevitably put things off until the last-minute and then go crazy at the final hour to get things done.  Our Time Commitment has been pushed to the limit! Parkinson’s Law says the more that we find ourselves “under the gun”, so to speak, the more likely we are to perform under pressure.  Why don’t we then apply that pressure as a standard?  Give ourselves less time to do the most important tasks and get them done in a timely manner, at an earlier date, in the long run be greatly more productive and use our time commitment in an extremely more effective way.  

Yes, time can be our enemy.  Therefore, if we succeed in managing ourselves within time, rather than attempting to manage it, we will have learned one of life’s most significant lessons in becoming a success in online business and learning to carry through effectively on each time commitment we establish.

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By Penny Turko

Is Internet Marketing a Real Online Money Opportunity?


The purpose of this article is to provide some basic information to those people who are unsure if  internet marketing  is a real online money opportunity? I’m going to provide you a way to investigate the validity of an online opportunity, state the qualities of a solid business opportunity and why online marketing might be the right choice for you.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Is this Real and can it be real for me?”  You know what?  You are in the exact same place in your life that I was not so long ago.  The hard answer to this question truly is, only you can answer that.  Yes, of course there is a responsibility on your part to do your “due diligence” as they call it.  When you are interested in a business opportunity, get as much information on that company as you can;  telephone number, physical address, e-mail address and call the Better Business Bureau, any consumer complaints will certainly be registered there.  Check to see if the company is licensed and that the license is applicable to that location and business model.  Be sure to research the founders of the company, their histories, and the company’s history.  Get Involved!  Talk to Members of the company, get their opinions and listen in on weekly training calls. When you have satisfied yourself with the answers to these questions, I’m sure you will feel much more confident in making your decision to start an online business.

So, what are the most important things to look for when deciding if this is a legitimate online marketing business and if you can make real online money?  Here are some questions that are very important to get the answers to.

  • Does the company market a product that is innovative, unique and sought after?
  • Does the company have a fool proof education platform that will teach you step by step how to get where you need to be?
  • Does the business have a proper and effective marketing system?
  • Does the company have a community of passionate, committed individuals that are willing to train and support you at all levels of your business?
  • Will you earn a high rate of commission on every product sold?
  • Are they a company that gives back to the community, organized charities and their members?
  • Does the company have a successful track record?
  • Does the company have plans to expand globally?
  • Does the company offer a full money back guarantee?


In your investigation to answer these questions and others that you may have,  you will discover important facts about the company in question.

  • You’ll want to determine whether the business opportunity is governed by a top-notch community of people that care about other people.
  • Whether their products are unique to the market place and are marketable to everyone and anyone.
  • Has this company expanded its presence world wide and have they been established for longer than 5 years?
  • Is the company member-service oriented and is it continuing  to grow and develop its  educational platform?
  • Does this business opportunity offer high commission products and services, residual commissions and access to multiple streams of income?
  • It is the vision of this company to give back to the community, to charity and to each other through the commitment of its members to support, encourage and uplift each other in the exchange of information?
  • Most importantly, is it the goal of the company to provide access to a high quality training and mentorship program which will ensure  entrepreneurial success and achievement of online financial goals for all involved, regardless of age, gender or social status?

So, if you’re asking yourself, “Is online marketing for me and can this business be a real online money opportunity?”

The truth is, you really only need 3 things to be successful in  a legitimate online marketing  business:  tools, resources and time.  The right online business will provide the tools and resources, but it is up to you to provide the time.



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Stop All The BS! Making Money Online Is Not Easy!