By Penny Turko

7 Laws on How To Become a Leader That Attracts Leaders

How To Become a Leader People Want To Follow.

I know that you have more than likely heard how to become a leader and the Leadership qualities list at least a couple dozen times if you are in the Network Marketing Industry. You can probably Knock them off right off the top of your head like nothing.

My buddy Adam Chandler has coined a fantastic definition of success; has says this  “Success is not owned, it is only rented and rent is due everyday!”

What a perfect way to explain that success is the effect of ongoing, habitual practice.  We all desire success in our lives; whether it be financial, in our relationships, in our businesses, in our health lives.

So, to be successful and to be a good leader, we must become a certain kind of person; we must learn how to become a leader.  This is where we begin to discuss the importance of Leadership skills.  Without the skills and characteristics of a leader,  it is difficult if not impossible to DRAW others to us. Without specific personality and character traits and daily specific actions, the law of attraction becomes an impossible feat. 

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