By Penny Turko

Plant Seeds To Grow Your Business

What does it mean to plant seeds to grow your business?

Plant Seeds To Grow Your Business

Planting seeds is a little like placing an idea in someone’s head that will grow into a thought; that thought will continue to grow into an unanswered question and that question can grow into the desire to have more information.

When we plant seeds to grow our business we are providing others with a small bit of information that has the possibility to grow into a large opportunity sometime in the future.

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By Penny Turko

Make Online Easy with these 10 Tips

I put together these 10 Tips to Make Online Easy and help you establish some simple habits that will make your online business life less stressful. 


There tend to be so many road blocks that we come upon when we first venture online, whether for recreation or business; these tips can make online easy to traverse and instil a greater feeling of confidence; particularly when you have just begun an online venture. Most roadblocks can be easily Googled for solutions, but this can take extra time and energy and lead you on a bit of a wild goose chase if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

Make Online Easy with these 10 Tips will save you some time and frustration, most definitely if you are a new Entrepreneur.

To be most effective, when going through this list to Make Online Easy, be sure to Favourite each Website mentioned or implement each tip as you go through the list. So many times we will come upon some terrific training, read through it and then never get back to the article or site to actually put the material to good use.

 10 Tips to Make Online Easy

1. When working on choosing a Domain name always do thorough Keyword Research first! Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to determine if the masses are actually searching for the Keywords that you are choosing for your Domain name. When you find a keyword that is getting a lot of monthly and global searches, search it on the main Google search page to see how many other sites there are that carry those keywords. If you place the keywords in quotes, e.g. “keyword” and the resulting sites is less than 5000 it will be a good keyword to use. Lesser search results are even better. Discovering Keyword Analysis Rank is extremely important for creating anything for your business; articles, videos, ads and Domain names.

2. Yes! An Auto responder is a MUST HAVE in Online Business! It is imperative to automate your marketing systems to make online easy , build a LIST for your business and build relationships with those on your list. It is also very important to personalize your e-mails. If you have purchased e-mail swipes or generic messages, it is crucial to your business to personalize them. People want to feel like they know you before they can trust you and share a relationship with you. A generic message isn’t going to provide your contacts with the real meat about you that they need to make a decision whether they want to begin a working relationship with you

3. If you haven’t yet learned how to create a Facebook Vanity URL for Pages yet or any other URL that is extremely long and cumbersome, you can use bitly or tinyurl. Both the sites allow you to input your lengthy URL and at the click of a button they are shortened for you and easier to use where less key strokes are crucial, like Twitter.

4. Be sure to always use a personal signature in your e-mails. Add in your Blog address, Social Media sites, Skype ID, e-mail and phone number. It is always a good idea to use a tag line too, something catchy for others to remember you by. You can create an e-mail signature in your e-mail settings. Google search “e-mail Signatures” and you will have your choice of a number of different e-mail signatures that can be Free or a paid service with linked tabs and interactive pictures and animation.

5. If you are trying to keep your Facebook Personal Profile completely separate from your Business Page, then you will know it is difficult to have your Twitter posts appear only on your Facebook Page and not your personal profile. Selective Tweets is an awesome App that will post Tweets only on your Business Page and not your Personal Profile, just by adding #fb to the end of a Tweet. In this way you can keep your Facebook personal profile non-business for your friends, while still using Twitter to make online easy and post all your business details. (As you are adding friends to Facebook, save them in groups of 20. Facebook won’t allow you to send mass e-mails to your friends anymore; you have to add them individually to an outgoing message. If you already have them saved in groups of 20, you can send an e-mail to the whole group, which is an exceptional time savings especially if you have 1000’s of friends.)

6. Twiends is an awesome free site to get more Fans for your Facebook Page and more Followers on Twitter. Here you can generate points (or seeds) when you Like other Fan Pages and follow other Twitter accounts. You can search for your desired niche in 5 different categories.

7. A Blog is necessary if you want to have plug-ins on your website. There are endless plug-ins available for Word press Blogs to make online easy and many of these really are necessary to the success of your business, (Social Media Links, Share Tools, Link Cloakers, etc.) and for crucially important Search Engine Optimization. So if the battle you’ve been having is vs. I hope this has answered your question.

8. Here are some awesome tips to marketing with video .  To make online easy always place your main business address (URL) first in your YouTube video description box, don’t forget to list your tags (or keywords) and do videos in series to keep your viewers coming back. Use the acronym V.I.E.W. F.U.E.L. which contains the 8 key elements for an extremely popular, hopefully viral video. V = Video Quality (clear, focused picture with crisp, clean sound); I = Invoke Emotion (music and sharing personal stories and emotions will help); E = Engage (have a cool background, intro clip and visual change and affects to keep your viewer engaged within the first 30 seconds); W = Witty (make the video enjoyable and entertaining for the viewer – don’t be monotone and be sure to show your personality and have inflection in your voice); F = Fast (people have short attention spans, make the videos quick and get to the point); U = Unique (do something different than everyone else, unique locations or situations that will bring a different vibe to the video); E = Effects (graphic pop-ups, annotations, green screens, power point back to video change ups, audio affects are also interesting and YouTube affects); L = Laser Focused (each video is focused on one important piece or the pie and doesn’t overload the viewer with a huge amount of information that could overload and confuse them).

9. Automated Submission Software for your articles and videos will make your life so much easier, make online easy and you can get it for Free. There are numerous sites that will auto submit your articles and videos for you for FREE and you will save hours and hours compared to what it would take you to submit them individually. Onlywire, Tube Mogul and Pixel Pipe are just a few that are excellent, trustworthy services.

10. SELL TO YOURSELF! What does that mean? If you are doing affiliate marketing you are probably wondering where online marketers get their affiliate badges and widgets that they place on their Blogs. The interesting thing that a lot of new entrepreneurs don’t realize is that a high percentage of all products have affiliate options. Many of them you don’t even have to purchase to become an affiliate, just visit the site in questions and click on the affiliate sign up tab. Once you sign up to become an affiliate you will be provided with an affiliate link and badge for your Blog (place the code in your widget area of your Dashboard) and quite often a professional capture page. It is quite important to remember then to sell to yourself first. If you know that you need to sign up for an auto-responder for instance, sign up as an affiliate first and then YOU can be your first sale!

BONUS Tip to Make Online Easy

Always feed yourself with empowering, educational and spiritual training and never, ever, ever give up!
Remember the inspirational words of Henry Ford – If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”


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By Penny Turko

Learn How to Survive the Recession with Online Business

Can You Survive the Recession ?

Is Online Business Recession Proof?

In times of recession, when the economy looks terribly bleak, we all begin to ask ourselves, “Is there a better way?”  Is NOW a good time to become involved in a home based online business?  According to Forbes Magazine, 40 million people will be looking for some form of home based business in the next 3 to 5 years.  As corporate downsizing continues to make the news and the internet makes Online Marketing ever more productive and attractive, more and more entrepreneurs are discovering the benefits of running a home based business, to build recession proof incomes. Good News!!   


In the face of ecomonic recession, there are less and less options for the hard-working , honest pay for an honest days’ work individual.  The forward thinking opportunity seeker possesses the goal to render themselves recession proof.  The Industrial Revolution is over!!  This is a new age, the Age of Technology!  The Internet provides limitless service and opportunity to every age group, every walk of life, every income level.  The Internet has become a day to day necessity for both entrepreneur and consumer.

There are 1.6 billion Internet users in the world today.  73% of the population in North America alone are Web users, with a 173% increase between 2005 and 2009.  That’s approximately 250 million users and these numbers are ever increasing.  The Internet has created countless opportunities for the idea of virtual business.  It has become a multi-purpose business tool that brings individual entrepreneurs together with entire common-interest communities; which in turn provides vast resources for business leads and clients, connections, networks and quality training.

Online business opportunities are vast on the World Wide Web! There are various skill set and knowledge base requirements depending on your chosen niche.  The beautiful thing about this Age of Information, is just that!  Your access to information! Education, instruction and skill application is only limited by your willingness to ACT! More and more people utilize the Internet for everyday purchases; from groceries, to online education  products to full-on business opportunity systems.  The recession is a defeated foe for the Online Business Entrepreneur! This Internet information age is a vehicle for driving traffic to all consumers in a simple and effective way!  Avoid the stresses that are associated with traditional corporate employment and design your own lucrative career! It is a fantastic time to start a home based online business.  If you are entertaining the thought of surviving the recession with online business, then you are most definitely in the right place at the right time!

To make a commitment and take control of your own future and make the direct steps to Survive the Recession!

Contact me for more details on how you can survive the recession with your own online business!

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