By Penny Turko

Don’t Throw in The Towel! The Empower Network is REAL!

The Empower Network is REAL!!

If you have been struggling making money online

and you’re about ready to throw in the towel….




It’s helping people make money online who have never made a cent before!

If this is you . . . PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP!







The Empower Network is REAL!!

Watch This Short Empower Network Video And Then MAKE YOUR FIRST $100 ONLINE!

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By Penny Turko

If making money in your business isn’t EASY, Empower Network is the Answer!

A Message From our Empower Network Super Leader – Dave Wood!


…this might sound a bit ‘off‘ from what a lot of people are saying, but I PROMISE you, that what I’m saying here is not only true, but when you really get it – I don’t think you’ll ever struggle to have money in your life again.

Let me define this for you…

When I say that making money is easy – I’m not saying it doesn’t involve workwhat I am saying is that there should be no struggle involved in the process, and when you understand the flow of money and how to create income on demand, your income will ‘flow’ instead of having that feeling that you’re beating your forehead against a wall with nails in it…

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By Penny Turko

The Numis Network Global Recession Hedge

How Can You Take Advantage of the Numis Network Global Recession Hedge?

Firstly, you may want to know – 

“What is Numis Network and how can I use it as a Global Recession Hedge.”

 Why Numis Network?  Not only are many of the Top Network Marketing Earners and Recruiters members of this Leading edge company, (like David Wood, Ray Higdon, Rob Fore and Jordan Schultz),but the 3 founding partners; Chris Kent, Ian Cordell and Jake Kevorkian have impeccable business histories with over 60 years combined experience in the Network Marketing and Internet Software Industry . This leading edge company was new to the Global Market in 2009 and has been growing like gang busters ever since!! Numis Network has just expanded its American and Canadian borders to include the UK on November 1, 2011. This unique, one of a kind MLM company offers the opportunity to sell and acquire high-end MS70 Collectible Numismatic Gold and SIlver coins. 

I had been torturing myself with the decision to get involved in the Numis Network for months before I finally made the decision to jump in with both feet. I realized that the CREAM OF THE CROP LEADERS have all stayed with this company! This is a one of a kind company!  There is nothing else like this available in the world. The Leadership is absolutely ONE OF A KIND and that is one of the MAJOR reasons I joined!

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