By Penny Turko

Penny Turko Takes on Her First Biz Building 100 Day Challenge, Brave or CRAZY?

Hello World, I’ve outed myself, I’ve just taken on my first 100 Day Challenge!

Why you might say?  As a matter of fact , I also might say WHY?

My inner voice is shouting, “DON’T DO IT!! DON’T DO IT!! “

A 100 Day Challenge Can Make You a Little Crazy!

Some might say, “What’s the big deal, it’s only a measly 100 Day Challenge. It’s not life or death!”

So, when you are so busy already, why do you do such a crazy thing as to add to the heaping pile of all the things on the to do list?  A 100 Day Challenge is not for the faint of heart you say?  It is only for the brave at heart you say?


Well, although I have tried to run from it and have actually hidden it under other issues that I deemed more important . . . the truth is I need STRUCTURE, ORGANIZATION AND CONTROL!!!

THERE!!! I said it with my outside voice!!!

But now I bet you’re saying, “WHAT?? A 100 Day Challenge, in fact this particular 100 Day Biz Building Challenge, isn’t for the to be taken lightly! Don’t you understand that this challenge will make your life busier, more out of control and definitely less peaceful! No more quiet moments for you little Miss Penny!”

Now, I’m a little afraid, but my logical brain is saying that pain now, brings peace later.

Let Me Explain!

My reasoning is this . . . I believe the more you do something on a regular basis, the more comfortable you become at doing it, the better you become at doing it, the quicker you become at doing it and the happier you become at doing it because something you have become comfortable with, makes a lighter work load.

I have 3 goals that I wish to accomplish during this daunting 100 Day Challenge.

  1. I will become organized!  I must be organized to effectively complete my task load each day and this means that I must follow and not sway from my Daily Method of Operation and my Online Project Organization Plan! I will run my Business, my Business will not run me!
  2. I will become educated and enlightened.  I will finally have made the committment to daily personal development, reading  and powerful positive affirmations that I have promised myself I would always include in my daily activity that I never quite got to.
  3. I will see perfectly positive changes in myself, my life and my business and desired results that I have never experienced before now.I will have entered that zone of acceptance, peace and pride in myself, knowing that I have done all I could each day to take me closer to my goals, my dreams and my complete self.

So . . . to me this is not just another 100 Day Challenge.  This 100 Day Biz Building Challenge has the power to ultimately alter my life. To afford me the opportunity to grow in ways I never realized were possible. The icing on the cake here is that, I will form long-lasting relationships through this 100 Day Challenge that will grow and be cherished for years to come.

Penny Turko . . . BRAVE OR CRAZY???

I think we ALL know the answer to that, it’s a little of both!

Yippee! Only 99 days to go!!

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