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Brendon Burchard High Performance Academy – 6 Secrets to High Performing Millionaires

I received an email today that enticed me to open it entitled, “How to Get the Next Amazon Best Seller for FREE!” by Brendon Burchard – High Performance Academy.

As humans, we all flock to anything that we can get for FREE. It must be our intrinsic, acquisitive nature, no matter what it is, I’m thrilled I did.

Had my greed not prompted me to take a closer look, I would have never gleened some of the most powerful High Performance Secrets from Brendon Burchard that I have come across … ever!

Brendon Burchard, the New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Millionaire Messenger” is launching his new book “The Charge” in a couple weeks. It makes clear how to activate the 10 Human Drives that make us feel ALIVE!!

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The Brendon Burchard High Performance Academy teaches you advanced achievement principles and strategies so that you can master your mind, energize your body and brain, become wildly more productive, and influence more people quickly and easily.

Brendon Burchard reveals in the first video, the famous High Performance Academy framework, and gives you 6 powerful tools to start achieving more starting TODAY.

So, what is it that these High Performing MultiMillionaires do, know, act on and focus on to realize their achievements in life?

What can we do to amplify our level of performance to attain success and higher achievement no matter what we do in life?

Some of us struggle just to get out of bed in the morning…

How can we find more direction, more purpose, more clarity, more courage, more motivation and more energy so that we can keep up with the High Performers of the world?


We’re not just talking about Multi-millionaires here, we’re talking about people who live their lives energized, engaged and thrilled no matter what they earn!

Let’s tap into the Human Condition, something that is bigger than ourslves!

Something that is bolder and more courageous, so that you can do more in your life!

You can excel, you can achieve and do more than you ever have before!

If we can learn to activate ourselves inside, we can achieve our highest potential.

Have you FOUND YOURSELF yet or are you unsure of your future? Are you really living fully, vibrantly, without fear and with unbridled love?

At the end of your days, when you look back at your life and ask youself these 3 questions, will you be at peace with your answers?




These 3 questions can change your life!

Don’t you want these answers to these questions to be YES at the end of your life?

So what is it then, that some High Performance Achievers have or possess? What are they focused on that enables them to answer YES to these 3 questions NOW??

There are 6 things in their lives that they choose to understand and master to perform at their highest levels; no matter what their occupation.

Success without feeling fully engaged, without the knowing that we are making a difference doesn’t feel so good!

Brendon Burchard – High Performance Academy asks if you are you willing to challenge yourself in a new way?

Can you focus on asking yourself each of 6 real questions every day, multiple times a day?

6 questions to ask yourself and run through your mind, that will help you pick up your performance to assist yourself and others around you to make a difference in the world?

#1 Purpose – Question to ask yourself : “How Can I Serve Greatly?”

  • What is your purpose?
  • Are you connected with a higher purpose and focus than just yourself?
  • Other people can feel that when they are around you. Remember to ask yourself – Did I Live? Did I Love? Did I Matter?


#2 Presence – Question to Ask Yourself: “What Level of Presence do I FEEL in this Moment Right NOW?”

  • Presence is the ability to become fully invested in the moment energetically, so that you are fully here and engaged in your body and the emotions in this very moment.
  • Ask yourself what level you are at between 1 and 10; you should be at a Level 10 of Energy & Engagement
  • Are you present in your life, with your family, in your work, with your piers and business partners?
  • It is said that the Youth of today don’t need our presents, they need our presence; our full attention and engagement in the moment!

#3 Psychology – Question to ask yourslf: “Am I Living My Truth?”

  • High Performers look at this differently than others. Brendon Burchard states that if we run our lives without direction, in terms of our identity, we have no continuity in the congruence of who we are.
  • How do we master our Psychology? We have to ask ourselves this question several times a day, “Am I Living My Truth?”
  • You need to first know what your truth is. You must associate with your identity.
  • Pick 3 words that define who you are as a person eg: Present , Enthusiastis, Bold
  • Pick 3 words that define how you interact with other people eg: Caring, Inspiring, Engaged
  • Keep these 6 words at the top of your mind everyday when you ask yourself the Question
  • If you haven’t defined who you should be, using simple words, then your life is like a maze and you don’t know which way to go
  • Successful people have a clear identity, they have a vision of their highest self and they focus on it. They seek to live their lives in complete congruence with that identity and grow into it.

#4 Physiology – Question To Ask Yourself: “Am I Rested and Hydrated?”

  • The way you move your body and fuel your body to create the level of energy, strength and stamina that you to need to actually accomplish your goal is a big part of your physiology. If you are exhausted and tired consistently, you are not activating your physiology and you have forgeotten to care for yourself.
  • It’s hard to achieve your dreams in life when you let your body go with fatigue and frustration. As a result you don’t have the energy to deal with your life, your family, your work and to deal with accomplishing your ambissions.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE is a sustained level of energy and engagement in life that does not go away!
  • Learn to use your body and fuel it in Unique ways ==> It’s a Basic Fundamental to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night and to drink 6 litres of water each and every day

#5 Productivity – Question To Ask Yourself: “What is My Mission Today?”

  • Challenge Yourself! Give yourself a task or project that lights you up!
  • Ask yourself “What must I accomplish today to move this project forward? What is my ultimate mission today?”
  • Don’t get stuck in your inbox in somebody else’s agenda for you; you want to take back your life!
  • Center yourself around a mission today and everything else is scheduled around that.
  • You need to block time each day for the accomplishment of that mission so that you can move forward.

#6 Persuasion – Question To Ask Yourself: “Am I Demonstrating Bold Enthusiasm?”

  • High Performers have the ability to persuade others. The development of the persuade and influence skills is something that High Performers have been focusing on ever since their decision to take their ideas and move forward with them.
  • When there is BOLD ENTHUSIASM, there is movement, there is excitement!
  • High Performers are willing to push to challenge the status quo and they are being BOLD about it.
  • They have optimism, enthusiasm and excitement for the moment that they are in and that enthusiasm spreads.
  • Nothing Sells like ENTHUSIASM!!

 Brendon Burchard encourages you to memorize these 6 Secrets of High Performing Millionaires, be rigid and accountable to yourself each and everyday to ask yourself these Questions.

  1. How can I Serve Greatly?

  2. What Level of Presence Do I feel in this Moment Right NOW?

  3. Am I Living my TRUTH?

  4. Am I Rested and Hydrated?

  5. What is My Mission Today?

  6. Am I Demonstrating BOLD ENTHUSIASM?

What are the Success Principles that you follow to live your best life?

Associate your truth with a definition of your highest self and LIVE FULLY . . . LOVE OPENLY . . . and MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY!

Brendon Burchard Challenges you to discover what your CHARGE IS??

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