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To some it may not really be all that exciting to have been born and raised in a remote Northern British Columbia community; the daughter of a trapper, hunter, gas line pigger and stay at home mom.

As it turned out, it was the most perfectly cherished, character building raising I could have imagined. My folks were young parents and were the best possible examples of  overcoming difficult life circumstances and personal tragedy and using these experiences to grow, change and thrive. I learned at a young age that family was the most important thing in life (as well as being able to skin a lynx! Ha! Ha!)

 Penny TurkoI have 3 siblings, my oldest brother was injured in a motor-vehicle accident 30 years ago.  He is a quadriplegic and has been in a wheel chair ever since.  We feel he is our Angel.  He never complains about his situation.  It amazes me that I still continue to complain about menial things in my life that I shouldn’t – and then I think of him.  He is an awesome man, loving brother, son and Uncle! He’s eager to meet each day with a smile, even with the obstacles and challenges he faces. We each have our own personal demons that hold us back, but when I think of how brave he is to live his life with truth and integrity . . . I feel like I can do anything! If we really think about it, we control our own happiness, our own destiny! He chooses to be happy to be alive each day . . . so HE IS!! 

I am married to my wonderful soul mate of 23 years and we have two gorgeous kids (I’m probably biased) and they are the most important thing to us!

So, how did  Penny Turko end up here on this Website?

After almost 20 years as a Real Estate Agent, making an awesome living, but never having time to enjoy my life, my husband and my family . . . I decided to create my own destiny!  I made the decision to choose a different way!  I made the commitment to myself that I would make a life, rather than make a living! My life is what I make it; my mindset is what I make it; my relationships are what I make them. We, as humans are completely in control of everything in our own lives; the only things that can hold us back are our own thoughts!Penny Turko

Some Personal Stuff About Penny Turko

My Family and my God are the most important things to me.
I know without a doubt that laughter is the best medicine and sometimes I feel like the DR.
I always cry in sad movies, even in movies that aren’t VERY sad.
Witnessing selfless acts of kindness, brings me to tears of happiness.
I cherish my relationships and work at practicing true forgiveness of myself and others.
My passion is to help others discover their passion and create the life they want to live.
True Wealth is different to all people, I strive to motivate others to realize what Wealth is to them and how to attain it.

I Love Network Marketing and it is my desire to help anyone that is struggling to Build a Successful and Effective Marketing System. Networking is all about building relationships, helping others and working together for good of the whole!

So, now you have had an opportunity to get to know Penny Turko and her thoughts!  If you like, you can contact me and we can talk about how we can work together to create the future you desire!

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