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I just received this fantastic email from with regard to polishing up your profile Profile Profile

An profile is crucial for you to create a BUZZ about you and your business! 

If you have never heard of and you are working at growing your Personal Brand and visual recognition online, then it is crucial for you to create an profile

An profile quickly builds your personal page that points people to everything you do, all around the web. also lets you quickly build simple and visually elegant splash pages that point  visitors to ALL of the content that you choose for them to see.  

Check out my profile and be sure to sign up to create one of your own! 

The information below was provided completely and in it’s entirety from .

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dan soha profile ivy chen profile kathy medeiros profile richie lai profile profile
  Our number one goal at about.meis to help you express who you are online. The most important features on your page include your background, your biography and the services you display.We’ve created videos to explain each feature and how you can make the most of it on your page. We feature about.meusers and their pages, showing off stunning backgrounds, stellar bios and super profile 

A Background’s Worth a Thousand WordsFirst, let’s talk about looks. Your background is the quickest and easiest way to give visitors a glimpse into who you are. Add a picture of yourself, a design or location. Or, choose from our new Gallery images, sourced from the photographer community! Look for more ideas and inspiration in the Directory. profile profile profile   Just WriteStuck at what to write for your biography? We provide lots of examples of great biographies in this video, to help you get started.Short and sweet or longer and more in-depth, pick what feels right to you to cover on your page. The most important thing is that it reflects who you are! profile 

Connect the DotsServices add depth and activity to your page, dynamically updating as you use the services. They reinforce what you’ve told the world in your bio – your Vimeo link proves you’re an expert videographer. And we’ve found that pages with services get up to seven times more visits than those without. profile profile profile   Spread the WordYou have a great looking page, so now what? Spread the word! There are more ways to share your page than mentioned in this video. We’ve seen people reference it in presentations online and off, create screencasts and share it on Instagram, Flickr and more. profile 

On the GoFinally, take it on the go! If you haven’t seen our iPhone app yet, take it for a spin! We have a lot of additional features planned so download it now for first access to all of the updates.
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