by Penny Turko

Discovering your Transformational Value can be a Life Changing Realization.

You may firstly be asking yourself, “What is Transformational Value and Do I Truly Possess It?”

The answer to that question is simply, “YES!” We all have Transformational ValueTransformational Value is the priceless gift that we can offer to others.  It is our story, our passion, our guidance, our understanding.  Transformational Value is the set of circumstances and experiences in our lives that have Transformed us; that have molded us into the person we are today, that have changed our lives, saves our lives, created the lives we desire and deserve and made us the passionate person that is sharing value today!  This Transformational Value is our own unique story, dialogue or knowledge that we can communicate to others that will help change their lives, build their dreams and transform them into the person that they desire to be.

Many people are at a loss when asked what they feel their Transformational Value is.  They feel that they couldn’t possibly have Something so valuable as to affect the Life Change of another Human Being. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is Your Transformational Value Story?

There are countless ways that we can affect the lives of others in a positive way.  We all have a unique story to tell and because this world is filled with Billions of people, there will always be somebody who will completely resonate with you.  You may think that you haven’t something important enough to share, that your life has been virtually void of exciting, life changing experience.  But this is where you are wrong!

The Internet has made this world so incredibly small! We, as online entrepreneurs, now have the ability to reach thousands, even millions of people with our Transformational Value.

So . . . How Do You Discover Your Transformational Value?

Here are some descriptions of different ways to Discover and Share your Personal Life Changing Value.

Many people feel that the Transformational Value that they Share is also their Passion.  This is True in many cases.  It is easy to figure out what your Passion is! What is the thing that you think about all day long, the thing that gets you all fired up inside whenever someone mentions it, the thing that if you did it for a living – you wouldn’t believe that you were getting paid for it because you would do it for FREE!  Your passion is quite often your transformational value.  Many Entrepreneurs are passionate about their work; the products that they provide and the results that can be achieved by way of the products or systems that they sell. This can be the Transformational Value that you provide to others, but be very careful where this is concerned.  Don’t forget that others will be more likely to relate to you when your Transformational Value is Unique to you.  If you are currently working for a company and are Passionate about the products or services it provides, you must set yourself apart from everyone else that sells the same products and services.  And how do you do that?  By telling your own unique story, your experience, knowledge and your story of Transformation through the relationship with this company.  A perfect example of this would be your personal success with a weight Loss System and how it changed your life; How a Special Supplement cured a particular health issue that you may have had and how your life has changed because of it.

On the other hand, your Transformational Value story may be quite different.  You may be able to impact the lives of others because of a hardship that you have suffered and lived through and how your mindset, attitude and Faith has carried you through it to a place of Peace and Wellness. Your Passion may be to spread the word of how your Faith carried you through a series of traumatic events and how you went about growing your Faith to this point and how others can do the same.  You may feel a growing urgency to impart Wisdom on others that you feel is crucial to living a purposeful, passionate and happy life.  All of these stories are unique to you, have provided you with Transformational Value and can Transform the lives of others in the sharing of it.

Transformational Value can also be communicated to others by way of action.  I’ll give you a  personal example here. My oldest brother, Rod, was a quadriplegic and had been in a wheel chair and on a respirator for 30 years. We sadly lost him on Christmas Eve of 2014.  He virtually never complained a day since he had his accident, he laughed and joked and loved to spend time with his family and friends whenever he could. He lived each day to the fullest.  He was the greatest example to me, my family and my children.  He is a great reminder to always be thankful for what you have and to stop complaining about the menial everyday things!  Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff!! He shared Transformational Value with so many people over the years just by being himself and living his life the way he does, without complaint and resentment.  His inspirational story of enduring courage is one that he shared with many new Spinal Cord injured patients that have come and gone over the years.  He truly was a motivator to many and an Angel to me.

transformational value

Transformational Value


So, you see how Transformational Value can be shared by way of action.  This holds the same whether your Passion is Volunteer work with the Needy, Homeless, Hungry Children, etc.  Your story is told through your actions, how this work has changed you for the better and how selfless acts by many for many, can impart enlightening Transformational Value for the betterment of all.

Here are 3 Steps to Guide you in the Discovery of Your Transformational Value.

  1. For the next 7-10 days, take time each morning for meditation, prayer, relaxation and reading.  During this time be truthfully honest with yourself about what your Passion is, are you fulfilling your true calling.  What is it that your Inner Man wants to share with the world and What is your Story?  What is the story of events that have transformed you?  Don’t Give Up until you have uncovered you the full truth about what you want to share.  What has impacted you the most in your life?  What has moved you? What has changed you in such a positive way that your life is forever different because of it?
  2. Get Feedback from your Friends.  Call up your closest friends, family and co-workers, make a time with each one personally to sit down and have them convey to you if you have effected their lives in a positive way.  We might not always realize these things about ourselves until we are told directly.
  3. When you are clear about your Transformational Value, it is time to begin to write and share Your Story.  You may find that your story has only just begun or isn’t quite finished yet.  You may have to spend some time working through the details, completing tasks and discerning how these experiences have brought you to this place of Transformation and the best way to relate that to others.

Just think of how many lives could be transformed if we all shared our stories.  Transformational Value is the gift we give to others that continues to give as it is passed forward to yet more again.

Use your Transformational Value to affect a Positive Change!  Pass it Forward!


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transformational value


transformational value





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Who Am I? Do I have to tell the truth? Well, yes, I guess that's the whole point here isn't it. To some it may not really be all that exciting to have been born and raised in a remote Northern British Columbia community; the daughter of a trapper, hunter, gas line pigger and stay at home mom. As it turned out, it was the most perfectly cherished, character buiding raising I could have imagined. My folks were young parents and were the best possible examples of overcoming difficult life circumstances and personal tragedy and using these experiences to grow, change and thrive. I learned at a young age that family was the most important thing in life (as well as being able to skin a lynx! Ha! Ha!) I have 3 siblings, my oldest brother was injured in a motor-vehicle accident 30 years ago. He is a quadraplegic and has been in a wheel chair ever since. We feel he is our Angel. He never complains about his situation. It amazes me that I still continue to complain about menial things in my life that I shouldn't - and then I think of him. He is an awesome man, loving brother, son and Uncle! He's eager to meet each day with a smile, even with the obstacles and challenges he faces. We each have our own personal demons that hold us back, but when I think of how brave he is to live his life with truth and integrity . . . I feel like I can do anything! If we really think about it, we control our own happiness, our own destiny! He chooses to be happy to be alive each day . . . so HE IS!! I am married to my wonderful soul mate of 23 years and we have two gorgeous kids (I'm probably biased) and they are the most important thing to us! So, how did I end up here on this Blog? After almost 20 years as a Real Estate Agent, making an awesome living, but never having time to enjoy my life, my husband and my family . . . I decided to create my own destiny! I made the decision to choose a different way! I made the commitment to myself that I would make a life, rather than make a living! My life is what I make it; my mindset is what I make it; my relationships are what I make them. We, as humans are completely in control of everything in our own lives; the only thing that can hold us back is our own minds! Some Personal Stuff! My Family and my God are the most important things to me. I know without a doubt that laughter is the best medicine and sometimes I feel like the DR. I always cry in sad movies, even in movies that aren't VERY sad. Witnessing selfless acts of kindness, brings me to tears of happiness. I cherish my relationships and work at practicing true forgiveness of myself and others. My passion is to help others discover their passion and create the life they want to live. True Wealth is different to all people, I strive to motivate others to realize what Wealth is to them and how to attain it. So, now you know me! If you like, you can contact me and we can talk about how we can work together to create the future you deserve!


  • Rob Lindquist
    8:04 PM - 5 September, 2011

    Many people feel like because they know their story so well, it gets boring and that others will find it boring, but you’re so right, it’s just not the case. Nobody has ever heard your story until you tell it. -Rob

    • Penny Turko
      8:48 PM - 5 September, 2011

      That’s Right Rob! Our stories are our own and there will always be someone who will most definitely relate. Thanx for stopping by.

  • Sef Gutierrez
    11:55 PM - 5 September, 2011

    Very handy place of duty Penny. Bookmarked. Credit on behalf of it! Well written article, i just finished bookmarking it for later. id love to revisit on future articles. how can i configure the RSS again? thanks so much!

    • Penny Turko
      10:14 PM - 6 September, 2011

      Hey Sef! Thanx so much for visiting. At the bottom of each of my posts there’s a link to my RSS feed. Click on it and thent click off the Add Feed to My Favorites and Subscribe. The Feed will be placed in your Favorites tab and automatically updated, so you can check on it for new content at any time. Cheers!

  • Michael Berry
    9:26 AM - 6 September, 2011

    I just love the community and your post How to Discover Your Transformational Value in 3 Easy Steps, thanks for sharing Penny. I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Penny. Take care, Michael

    • Penny Turko
      10:05 PM - 6 September, 2011

      Thanx so much Michael It’s terrific to hear your appreciation! Cheers!

  • Heather Goffrier
    12:13 PM - 6 September, 2011

    Thanks Penny! This is just what I have been thinking about in trying to narrow down the focus in my niche. Perfect timing and great tips!
    Heather =)

    • Penny Turko
      10:03 PM - 6 September, 2011

      I agree Heather! When you spread yourself in many different directions and don’t focus on your main goal, the thing you are most passionate about, it all becomes less effective.

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