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By Penny Turko

11 Crucial Steps To Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

If you have decided to use Social Media Marketing to promote your Small Business or non-profit organization, it is imperative to create a Facebook Business Page for the best results.

  1. Connect your Facebook Business Page to your Personal Profile Page .
  2. Complete the About section fully on your Facebook Business Page . The information in your About section is used to populate the graph search function and enables your page to show up when someone searches for a particular topic or when they like a similar page (suggested pages).                              
  3. Add your website or landing page URL to your Facebook Business Page . Every business should put their website URL in the short description that appears in the About section, this is a great way to drive more website & blog traffic.
  4. Use a simple, creative Profile photo and add an AMAZING Cover Photo to your Facebook Business Page with a Clear Eye-Catching Call To Action. When it comes to cover photos, less is more. You only have a few 2nds to attract your visitor’s attention so make certain they understand what you are all about when they see your cover photo. Create your cover photo with a couple things in mind: the photo represents your business and your brand ; your cover photo is the 1st thing people see when they go to your Facebook Business page; so if they find it attractive and your page engaging and they “LIKE” it, that action will show up in their News Feed for others to see and hopefully take action as well.
  5. Add descriptions (and often links to external pages or your website) to all of your photos, including your profile and cover photos. Quite often your visitors will click on an image to take a closer peak, people are more likely to follow through or engage if they are told exactly what they should do – don’t assume they know.
  6. Invite customers, friends, family and email contacts to like your page.
  7. Gather emails via a tab app. You should be using a custom app to gather email addresses — which is crucial for long-term growth of a business, both online & off. You could set up a tab that gathers email addresses for a newsletter or Timeline contest.
  8. Post More Links. If your goal for your Facebook Business page is to raise awareness of your business and products and get more prospects & sales; you should mix in more link posts to drive people to your website or product offer.
  9. Visit your Insights Tab and create a Posting Schedule. Determine when your fans are online and when the best time to post each day is.
  10. Use “in-store” FB signage if you have a brick-and-mortar business.
  11. Add a physical address. 92% of all social searches for local businesses occur on Facebook. Adding your address will help you show up in the “nearby” feature.

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By Penny Turko

How To Archive All Your YouTube Videos Into a Zip File

Don’t Get Slapped by a YouTube Shut Down – Protect Yourself and Archive All Your YouTube Videos Into a Zip File.

Nobody wants to login to their YouTube Channel and find all of their YouTube videos are gone because they have been shut down.




Archive Your Youtube Videos, Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!


Be sure to head over to http://google.com/takeout to archive and download all of your Youtube Videos into a zip file that you can store for safe keeping.

If you want to learn more about how to use YouTube Videos and video marketing to grow your personal brand and your business visit this link to get s fantastic Free Training that I used to get many of my videos to the first page of the YouTube Videos search pages. http://mlsp.co/ccbw1

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Penny Turko

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social media strategy suck

By Penny Turko

Does Your Social Media Strategy Suck?

Do You Feel Like Your Social Media Strategy Sucks?

You are spending endless time and money and you aren’t getting the results that you had hoped for?

If you are like the masses that are taking their businesses online and looking to build success through Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing, you may have been misled on the right way to do things.

After years and years of the masses jumping online and onto the social media platforms to market themselves, their products and their businesses and being told not to spam their opportunities everywhere…

I am shocked that it is still going on in HUGE numbers.

The real truth is that masses of these so-called Social Media Marketers will fail… at least 97% of them.

If you want to put in some effort and learn to create a Social Media Strategy that DOES NOT SUCK, you need to differentiate yourself from the crowds.

That simple means basing your Social Media Strategies on Marketing Tactics that work, like Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Marketing to others in a way that will attract them to you.

Have you ever really thought about it…

Are you more attracted to someone who helps you by providing assistance, value and guidance at the first meeting or someone who tries the aggressive sales pitch on you at first meeting?

Who would you rather work with?

A successful social media strategy combines just the right balance of value provided, professionalism, leadership and sharing of yourself.  When people feel like they are starting to know who you REALLY are, they will begin to count on you, trust you and like you.  That’s the best definition of attraction marketing.

So don’t follow the masses of marketer’s over the cliff and into your social media demise, learn the skills that will help you create a social media strategy that DOES NOT SUCK!

When you learn to use Social Media and Attraction Marketing the right way, people will come to you!

When I began to follow 4 simple steps in my social media strategy each and every day, the results I received were transformational.

The best part is I began to get leads everyday that already wanted what I had and I was generating them for FREE!

I created a video tutorial of these 4 steps and the social media strategies that I used to generate close to 300 leads for free in a very short period of time.

Get the “4 Steps To FREE LeadsVideo Tutorial now and never worry about being accused of having a Social Media Strategy that sucks ever again!

Click the LINK below to get Instant Access to this FREE Training Now!

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Lies of Network Marketing

By Penny Turko

Are You Tired Of The Lies of Network Marketing?

Are you tired of the lies of network marketing?


Then you are most definitely not alone!


Can I ask you a question?


Are you the kind of person who knows when someone is giving you the sly?
Do you get a weird feeling in the pit of your stomach that says…
“Hey, this doesn’t feel right!”
If you are then we most definitely have something in common.
I have been thinking a lot lately about that feeling that you get in your gut that tells you to run away… run far,far away!
You see, I had that feeling when I started my journey into home based business and internet marketing and started hearing all the lies of network marketing.
I was told by a number of different people when I first started out that all I needed to do was just get in!
Get In and we’ll help you! It’s very simple!
All you have to do is spread a few links around and it’s so simple with the use of Social Media now.  
Just get in and you’ll be making $5000/mo in no time at all!
So, you know the rest of the story…
I did get in, I did throw a few links around and when I kept coming up against the brick walls…
you got it…. there was no one there to help.
The sad part about it was that I knew deep in my heart that this could work!
I felt this passion to continue and grow and learn, so I kept at it.
I struggled along for months virtually on my own.
Truthfully it was in itself a real business lesson and I did in fact learn a lot on my own.
But, the problem was I still wasn’t generating any interest or leads.
It’s actually quite comical when I think back about it.
I remember being super excited receiving the link to my replicated website (which was just like everyone else’s in my network marketing company) and posted it in a number of different groups and pages on Facebook.
I actually went into my back office and sat there with my back office open, waiting for the leads to start pouring in!!
Well, guess what?
They didn’t.  I was doing the same thing as everyone else that said they were generating tons of traffic and making tons of money…
Lies, Lies, All Lies!!! The lies of network marketing!
I became very disillusioned with regard to growing my business and before long I I began to spend more money that I could afford on Marketing Strategy Training, Software and Ad Campaigns that brought me little to no results.
My husband began to scrutinize my business decisions and told me almost everyday…
“I told you so!!  This whole online GAME is a Hoax! 
It’s a SCAM!!  You have to get out of it!! Just stop now!!”
But, just as my stomach told me to run, my head was telling me that it just had to work!
There were so many leaders in the industry that were making real money!!
What was I doing wrong??
And then one night, I received a gift in the mail!!
It wasn’t a parcel in brown paper wrapping…
it was an email with a subject line that said, “You will NEVER have Success in your Home Based Business if you don’t understand this
I had just subscribed to the email list of this Industry leader and although I had heard this promise before a hundred times, or some version of it…
My GUT told me to register for the webinar!
Now, I wish I could tell you that I registered for that webinar and within a few days I was making more money that I could have dreamed of.
That’s not true!
But the truth is that on that webinar I was exposed to the idea of Attraction Marketing.
I was exposed to a system, a system that I will be forever grateful for being introduced to.
A system that enabled me to plugin, work with and be trained by Industry leaders… leaders that have become my mentors, my friends.
Now you might be saying, “I know! I know! I’ve heard all about Attraction Marketing already, 
I apply it and I’m still not seeing the results I want in my business!”

I’m not going to LIE to You!! No MORE LIES!! I’m done with the lies of network marketing …


The truth is that there is a HUGE Fricken’ learning curve when it comes to getting results.
If you don’t have a system and REAL people that you can count on to teach you the Fundamentals and what is working right now…
You will continue to keep struggling!!
And you know as well as I that your credit card is not linked to an ATM with unlimited funds.
At some point that baby is going to go up in flames and you’re going to burn your tushie!!!
But, what if I could give you the opportunity to not only learn exactly what I was taught about Attraction Marketing that enabled me to pull in 300 F.REE leads right away after I began implementing the simple steps, but also invite you to take a look inside by attending one of our value filled Weekly Webinars?
Maybe you need help with marketing strategies, prospecting, maybe you need help with what to say to people or even how to begin getting started as a beginner…
Whatever it is…..you could get ALL your missing pieces in your business solved just by taking a doing 2 simple things, so you can go out there and be a very Successful Home Biz owner.
What if I could give you this opportunity at ZERO cost to you?HECK Yes! is what I hear you saying so here’s what you have to do fast:
1. Go Now and Get My Video Training on the 4 C’s to F.ree Leads… It may not be available at no charge forever so get it now > Click Here
2. Mark off and set yourself a reminder for this Wednesday  @ 6pm PST/9pm EST to attend our priceless Marketing Training Webinar > Click Here
The recording of these training webinars are only available to members, so please don’t miss it if you want to attend.
I want you to have this Training for FREE and the only thing I expect in return is this…
Be Real! Stop the cycle! Make me a promise! Hold on to your integrity and never share the lies of network marketing with the people that follow you, rely on you and trust you! It just does’t work!
If you enjoyed “Are You Tired Of The The Lies of Network Marketing” then you will also enjoy “THE TEN REAL REASONS YOU WILL FAIL IN NETWORK MARKETING ” and please don’t forget to give me some comment luv, retweet, like and share on Google+!


Sharing Social Media Marketing Strategies that get Results with home based business owners!

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By Penny Turko

Letting Go Of Your Fears

Letting Go Of Your Fears

When the sun is shining, without a cloud in the sky on a hot summer day you happen to be at an outdoor pool. Before getting in you make a decision: do you hold on to the railing of the ladder and test the water with your foot, or do immediately jump without concern that the water may be too cold? This might seem like it doesn’t pertain to anything important, but let’s say this pool is your life; which one would you choose?

The person holding on to the railing is afraid to let go.

He is afraid of engaging the risk even though the reward might be very enjoyable.

He needs an assurance that if he doesn’t like what he finds that he won’t be stuck with it.

On the other hand, the second person who does not hesitate to dive in, have no bungee cord attached. They are not surrounded by any barriers, they simply, but surely, want to experience. This person doesn’t even know what he is about to experience: a warm sensation, or a bone-chilling unpleasant surprise. These possible outcomes do not concern him, they do not present themselves as a predicament, but as an opportunity; an opportunity to experience.

It is as simple as that.
Going through life people are shaped and formed through their experiences. They develop individual and unique personalities which most likely will never be recreated. These unique traits drive people towards making decisions of their own liking and reasoning, but for many people, these traits become confused and swirled into a mix of insecurity and doubt.

Once a person’s personality has been developed into this class of doubt, it will likely remain stuck in the pit of it’s own disparity.

How does one find a path out of this un-relentless loop?

How does a person breach the wall that their mind has built around them?

The answer is simpler than you think.
Make a new experience. Don’t use a safeguard. Be fearless. 

These three rules will help you advance your individuality and will metaphorically work out your brain until it is strong once again.

Standing beside yourself and being your biggest fan should come natural, but as society, news, media, and gossip all dumb your brain down you become engorged by the beast. The materialistic becomes your focus and you no longer understand the importance of what is on the inside.
These new experiences you dive into, such as the pool in the beginning, develop your sense of freedom, and your understanding of who you can be. Don’t let past experiences kill your voice and power; let new experiences build you up and challenge the future.

Be strong and confident and Live Without Limits!

This is a guest Post by Nonstop Fitness Zone Creator – Trey Turko

If you like ” Letting Go of Your Fears ” you Can also find Nonstop Fitness Zone – Trey Turko on Facebook.

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Does Your Social Media Strategy Suck?
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Are You Tired Of The Lies of Network Marketing?